4 Travel & Culture Experiences to try in 2023

New year, new year me but with more money!

Happy New Year everyone. I trust that most of you made it through to 2023 in good spirits and you feel encouraged. I started preparing for 2023 in October of 2022. I decluttered, got my financial plans together and journaled/read my way into my glow-up for 2023.

I believe more people are looking for unique experiences in travel and even with carnival. A lot of what we have gotten used to has become repetitive and monotonous. Here are some experiences I am looking forward to in 2023, they each offer something for the beach bum or history buff. 

Carnival in Bermuda – June 16 – 19, 2023 

In 2019  I wrote for Lonely Planet that Bermuda is the perfect carnival experience for the beach bum and that has not changed. It rings even more so today as the pandemic has changed how many of us “carnival” We are more willing to take in experiences over fetes and Bermuda’s Carnival experience is perfect for that. You can jetski on some of the world’s bluest waters, visit historic sites like Unfinished Church or visit flamingos at the Sanctuary. Whatever your fancy, Bermuda has it!

While Bermuda has some amazing hotels all over, hotels in Hamilton Parish are best located for Carnival related festivities.  Official Website: Carnival in Bermuda 

Recommended Hotels:

Spicemas- August 14 & 15, 2023 

Grenada’s Carnival, better known as Spicemas, is a 10-day celebration with monarch competitions, great food, fetes, jab and pageantry. This celebration concludes with two days of parades – jouvert and pretty mas.

Grenada is accessible by plane, fly into Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND). Most of the major Spicemas events happen in St. George, however, there are quite a few amazing events that happen outside of this parish as well.  It is advised that visitors rent a vehicle, hire a designated taxi driver during their stay or use the local ride share app – HaylUp. Use this Grenada 2023 planning guide for more information.

Official Website: Spicemas Grenada  

Barbados Independence – November 30th, 2023 

“The strides Barbados has made since Independence have sustained its pursuit of progress and prosperity. As the People of Barbados unite under the theme “Come, Celebrate Barbados”.

Barbados is a political force within the Caricom community and Bajans know how to throw a good party. Bask in their Independence celebrations in November. Fetes and flying fish, there is a fete for everyone. Official Website: Visit Barbados 

Recommended Hotels:

Miami Music Week – March 21-26, 2023 

Miami Music Week is a week long marathon of electronic dance music events that takes place in Miami, Florida during the last week of March and is attended by thousands from all over the world. If you love oontz oontz, its a dope way to bask in the music.

You also have the option to swing by Fame Weekend. Fame Weekend was birthed as both the cure to carnival tabanca after Trinidad’s Carnival as well as having a Caribbean music presence during Miami Music Week.

Recommended Hotels:

In addition to some much needed leisure travel to Europe, I cannot wait to start experiencing the world again. What are you looking to experiencing in 2023?


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