5 Things to Know About Jamaica Carnival 2023

Known for its beach resorts, lush trees and Blue Mountain Coffee, visiting Jamaica is always a good idea. Carnival in Jamaica is a fave amongst many, with dope beach party offerings and pretty costumes, you can enjoy many elements of this carnival experience, the Jamaican way. Here are some things to know. 

The parade will take place on April 16, 2023

Traveling to Jamaica is convenient 

Jamaica has two airports, (KIN) in Kingston, where all the carnival related events are happening and (MBJ) in Montego Bay. It may be cheaper to fly into MBJ but keep in mind you will have to take the Knutsford Express or hire a taxi to Kingston (2.5 hour drive).

The island is suited with hotels, tourism and discounted fete tickets 

Jamaica is known as one of the top 3 travel destinations in the Caribbean and for good reason. If you have been looking forward to taking a vacation, this may be the perfect time. Party with friends in Kingston for two or three days then hop the Knutsford Express to Mobay or Negril for more sun, sand and sea. For Carnival related events, stay in New Kingston. Recommended hotels:

Additionally, there are people who plan to sell rolled over tickets from 2020 because they cannot attend; those fete tickets will be priced to sell so keep that in mind when budgeting.

There will be an assortment of carnival events

Carnival in Jamaica offers most of the popular events many have come to love from other carnivals and some of their own. Sunkissed is a premium all-inclusive yacht party at a sandbar (a collection of sand in the middle of the ocean) that cannot be missed. I went in 2022 and had a blast. Pristine blue water, flowing Prosecco and beach floaties? What’s not to love. Utilize sites like IslandETickets and Eventbrite for event tickets.

Costume Bands to Play Mas With

There are some options when it comes to participating in a band. Most of the bands also offer a t-shirt package if you don’t feel like shelling out thousands for a costume. Your band options are

Touristy things to check out 

If you traveled from far or plan to make Jamaica a relaxing vacation after you finish wining on the road, here are some places to check out while you’re already on the island.

  • South Avenue Grill (for eats)
  • Strawberry Hill Hotel & Spa (For lunch with a view or spa day)
  • Al Fresco Picnic at Cedar Estate (St. Ann)
  • Bob Marley Museum
  • Strawberry Fields (St. Mary)
  • Stush in the Bush, Dining Experience (St. Ann)
  • Tour the home of Jamaica’s first black millionaire at Devon House
  • Bob Marley Beach, Wickie Wackie Beach, Ft. Clarence (beaches nearby Kingston for lounging not swimming)

Is there anything else you need to know? Ask me in the comments

Yours in Mas  

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Carnival from a masquerader perspective - Where to fete? Band reviews? What to wear? I got you!

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  1. Very good info. Could you recommend any sites to purchase costumes that masqueraders are reselling for this year?

    1. You could try checking the “tagged photos” of the band’s Instagram accounts or under photos for costume resales; Fineahban.com may also have listings

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