3 Carnival Destinations Perfect for Solo Travelers

Traveling alone is all about freedom  and independence – freedom from group decisions, arguments about sticking to strict (or lax) itineries and the independence to venture where ever you want and meet new people. 

So you’ve decided you want to play mas but none of your friends want to go (or can afford it right now) – you may just want to test the waters of a solo carnival experience. I promise you, you will make friends on the road. A costume, battery pack & good vibes is all you need.

After 4-5 days of attending events together, people get familiar with your face (play Marvay’s know the face) and you will likely leave that carnival with a new friend or two. 

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The Bahamas - May 2023

After falling inlove with The Bahamas in 2018,  I journeyed to the island a year later to enjoy their Carnival experience. Held annually in May, Nassau comes alive with feathered wings, gem work and street vendors serving some of the best seafood you’ll ever eat. 

What makes The Bahamas a great option for the solo traveler, is the overall safety of the island, friendly natives in addition to reliable transportation services and late night things to do. Bahamians take hospitality very seriously and will ensure your experience is the best. This carnival also occurs over a weekend and has quick flights from South Florida, easing the strain on any PTO you may try to save. 

They do operate on island time so if you plan to attend, do not wait on promoters to announce, book your hotel and purchase flights as soon as possible. Top events like Waves and Suits Floating Paint Fete (yes jouvert on a boatride) are likely to occur and you don’t want to miss it!. Experience Bahamas Carnival from May 18 – 21, 2023. 

Recommended hotels:

Cayman Islands - July 2023

Touted as one of the safest islands to travel alone, visiting Grand Cayman is a great choice for solo travelers craving a laid-back vacation with Carnival event options. Held in the summer, Grand Cayman comes alive with decorated gem bikinis and many visitors looking to experience something new.  

In addition to experiencing carnival, visit one of Cayman’s beaches to relax or even see wild sea turtles, grab a drink at Rum Point, wander the beachy capital of George Town, or book an aquatic excursion — like a snorkeling or diving tour, as the Cayman Islands are home to 365 dive sites (one for every day of the year!).

Regarded as the “culinary capital of the Caribbean”, Grand Cayman has lots of great eats  — like Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink and other Michelin Star awarded restaurants. Experience Caymas from June 28 – July 3, 2023 

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Antigua - August 2023

Antigua’s Carnival is often described as the Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival.  With an explosion of artistic and cultural talent, music, & steel bands, the streets come alive with parades & carnival bands with a multitude of masqueraders in colorful costumes. 

Held during the last week of July, and culminating on the first Monday and Tuesday of August, the event attracts locals and visitors alike. The warmth of the island and the hospitality of Antiguans make this carnival a top choice for solo travelers.

Parties can be relatively inexpensive with highly regarded beach resort accommodations. Flight prices can exceed budgets easily reaching near $1500usd for an economy ticket so book early. Experience the destination’s premier Summer Festival – Antigua’s Carnival  from August 2 – 8, 2023. Checkout our Antigua Carnival 2023 Guide for more details. 

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Remember, just because you traveled there solo doesn’t mean you have to party alone. Utilize Instagram or Reddit to make friends headed there as well, share your interest in linking up with others via Twitter or use Carnival Groupchats. 

Yours in Mas

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