Caribana 2016: A Review of Carnival Nationz

I try my best not to repeat bands but this year, I could not avoid Carnival Nationz’ “Nest” Presentation. Costumes were GORGEOUS!! Prettier than any other band. I am obviously not the only one who thought so considering they won band of the year for the third year in a row. But enough rambling. Let’s […]

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BAND LAUNCH: Carnival Nationz Launches for Caribana 2016

Carnivalists! The time we were all waiting for FINALLY happened last night, April 30, when team Carnival Nationz finally put us out of our misery. We were concerned with the lack of “wow” factor all the other bands had this year for Caribana. Carnival Nationz WOWED us with their “Nest” theme. We love so many […]

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Planning for Caribana 2016

Happy Tuesday! It seems as if 2016 is flying or the short Trinidad carnival season is applicable to almost all other carnivals as well. With Jamaica Carnival well underway with sold out costumes and hotels, the summer carnivals are the next up in regards to large carnivals. Caribana is an all time favorite of the […]

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