Caribana 2016: A Review of Carnival Nationz

I try my best not to repeat bands but this year, I could not avoid Carnival Nationz’ “Nest” Presentation. Costumes were GORGEOUS!! Prettier than any other band. I am obviously not the only one who thought so considering they won band of the year for the third year in a row. But enough rambling. Let’s get into the important stuff.


Like last year, Carnival Nationz launched, a week later, I registered online through Ticket-gateway. Same complaint as last year that TG’s fee are high but that’s more a TG thing than it is CN. Perhaps allowing us to register directly through your website might work better for customers?


Communication improved this year, they were active on Instagram and via email AND EVEN Twitter. I tweeted them a few times and always got shown some love 🙂


The organization of costume pick up improved TREMENDOUSLY!!. Last year, several masqueraders filed into one large area to pick up costumes and that created a backup.. we were in there for hours. This year, Carnival Nationz split their warehouse into about 4 sections that serviced only certain sections – this idea was amazing. Less crowding, less headache. It still took about 35 minutes to get our costumes but that is a major cut down on time compared to the two hours it took in 2015.


The costume was BEAUTIFUL on the website, during band launch, and on snapchat. And it was even more beautiful on. I loved the intricate print, the beading – which was heavy and rich! and the necklace was a gorgeous addition. Look pon mi body and skin in this!! LOL It also held up to all meh wining. Check @globalcarnivalist IG for the livefeed.

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise Carnival Nationz 2016Maris at Caribana 2016

THE ROAD – Food/Music/Staff/Vibes:

I must commend myself for getting to the truck assembly ON TIME lol but I HATE the time period where i’m waiting for the truck to start moving. This time though, I got lunch. Thank God too because I was drinking meh Johnnie with no food in my system at 10AM. I do not eat meat but CN had a tofu lunch and it was tasty. Some sauteed tofu, with veggies rice and a mini salad. It hit the spot as it should have. My friends had the chicken and raved about how good the chicken was seasoned and tasted. Remember, Caribana mas bands DO NOT serve alcohol to masqueraders, so bring your own.

Now for the music, I felt like I kept hearing the same 7 songs OVER AND OVER again. I blame the changing of DJs on this considering they each might have their own set. I still enjoyed myself but I wish I heard more 2016 Soca. The staff was fun, attentive, wined with us, gave direction as they should and addressed those stinking stormers that wouldn’t let us wine and chip in peace!

Toronto – piece of advice, BRING BACK the barricades to allow masqueraders their time on the road. Stormers are annoying when you spend your money to parade in a band.

Lastly, the vibes as usual was A1. the masqueraders were like one huge family. I always have a blast with Carnival Nationz. If they continue to bring the heat with those sexy costumes, they will have a loyal masquerader for life!


  • Stockings by Carnivalista
  • MUA by me
  • Hair by me
  • Boots from Amazon

Yours in Mas

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 10.30.39 AM

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  1. Thank you for your very precious advice and informations ! I will jump in 2017 at Caribana for the first time

    Thank you again, it is very helpful (especialy because I live in Paris, and I do not have any information about Caribana

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