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It seems as if 2016 is flying or the short Trinidad carnival season is applicable to almost all other carnivals as well. With Jamaica Carnival well underway with sold out costumes and hotels, the summer carnivals are the next up in regards to large carnivals. Caribana is an all time favorite of the Global Carnivalist family. Falling in late July this year, plan to visit Toronto from July 27 to August 1 for the most fun and best fetes.


DRIVE – If you live in the continental US, depending on which state you have the option of driving to Toronto. Personally, I couldn’t handle longer than a 9 hour drive but for folks in the DMV and Tri-state area, it’s definitely achievable.

FLY  – Flying into Toronto or Buffalo (then driving to Toronto) is also an option. Flights are currently in the $230usd – $400 range depending on your location and when you book.


There are plenty hotel options during Caribana, some hotels are stricter than others. *Hotels like the Sheraton downtown will give you a wristband for the weekend to ensure you’re supposed to be there after 9pm.

Caribana Toronto also coordinates hotel packages and April 4 is the last day for the early bird pricing. Hotels are currently in the $300 – $600 range for a group of 4. AirBnB is another affordable option if you prefer.


The big bands typically launch in the late April time frame. The Global Carnivalist team will alert it’s readers as to when, but be on the look out for the best bands like Carnival Nationz, Saldenah Mas and Toronto Revellers.

  • Tribal Carnival is scheduled to launch on April 16 
  • Saldenah Mas is scheduled to launch on April 22 with an “Outta Africa” theme. We look forward to their 2016 Presentation.
  • York Mas is scheduled to present their “Somewhere in the Caribbean ” theme on April 23
  • New band on the block Island Vybz will launch on April 29 with their theme “Genese
  • Sunlime Mas Band is scheduled to launch on April 29 with a “Tribes – Before Columbus” theme
  • Carnival Nationz is scheduled to launch on April 30 with a “The Nest” theme
  • Toronto Revellers is scheduled to launch on May 14 with “Lost – Secrets of the Amazon” as their theme.


Caribana’s party scene is  different from other northern American carnivals like Miami and New York but still a great time. We can look forward to events like Shine, Suits and Scorch Duck Work! Check back with us in June  for a full fete list!

Yours in Mas

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