Battle of the Monday Wear: Top 10 Carnival Monday Looks in Trinidad

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It’s been two weeks since our Carnival high on the road and we here at Global Carnivalist would love reflect. Carnival Monday is by far our favorite day and we saw so many sexy and creative monday wear fits.

Carnival Monday used to be known as the casual day masqueraders could wear a tank top with some pum pum shorts and their band’s insignia somewhere on the outfit. Carnival Tuesday was the glam day where you got to rock your costume and best fashion gems, but those days are rapidly changing.

Over the last three years, mas bands and private designers are offering Monday Wear in a more fashion forward way. Women are now getting their monokinis or bikinis designed instead of wearing a plain tube top. The burst of Monday Wear has now provided independent designers with an opportunity to showcase their work — creating a competitive culture for their work to be chosen by revelers.

Several designers had their work adorned on gym worked bodies – from Marie Collette, MonDiva and Rebel Monday Wear. to name a few. Let’s look back.

10. Designed by Rebel 

Simplistic, Minimalist and SEXY! You could wear this to the beach or pool too of course but the ladies killed this fit in Trinidad.

Carnival Monday look 10


9. Designed by NNJM Designs 

This look is shimmery, functional and unique. We saw three ladies with this fit on the road and they all looked bess!

Carnival Monday Look 4


8. Designed by Masquerader

This nude and gemmed out bodysuit was so unique, we saw no other like it on the road. 

Carnival Monday Look 3


7. Designed by MonDiva

Beach wear fused into Diva Style – We’re loving this MonDiva one piece!

FullSizeRender 18


6. Designed by Ginger Wire Bras

Anyone who is familiar with customized carnival outfits — is familiar with Ginger Henry’s work. She does AMAZING and unique pieces and this gold wire set is no different. Carnival Monday look 6

5. Designed by Marie Collette 

This piece came in so many unique and bright colors, and looked amazing on each masquerader.

Carnival Monday Look 7


4. Designed by Marie Collette 

Another winner by Marie Collette. This piece came in several different colors

Carnival Monday Look 9

3. Designed by Shawn Dhanraj

This is a BESS piece. Gems! Gold! Bright! Unique and sexy! We love it!

Carnival Monday Look 1.jpg

2. Designed by Fonrose The Brand 

The uniqueness of this Monday Wear is unmatched. @Fon_Rose designed her own Monday Wear and had the boots and pouch to match.

 FullSizeRender 17@fon_rose 

1. Designed by Marie Collette 

There is no denying that this Marie Collette piece ruled the road! We saw dozens of masqueraders in every band in this beautiful and bright piece.

Carnival Monday Look 8

We didn’t catch everyone but are there some we missed? Tag us on IG.

Yours in Mas

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