Trinidad Carnival 2019: A Review of Tribe Carnival & More

Some of us still have sore feet with skin that is peeling from sunburn or we’re just sporting our glorious tans, still while blasting soca and re-living the road in our heads. I cannot believe Trinidad Carnival came and left so quickly, and soon it will be time to plan all over again. But let’s […]

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BAND LAUNCH: Bliss Carnival Launches for Trinidad Carnival 2018

Bliss Carnival launched their ‘Dolce Vita’ 2018 theme this evening. This presentation is all Glitz and Glamour! Gems Gems Gems! Registration will be opened soon and moving quickly! Bliss Carnival is a committee member based registration band. In order to gain access, you must contact Bliss affiliates. Yours in Mas,

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BAND LAUNCH: Tribe Launches for Trinidad Carnival 2017

Tribe is by far the most popular band for Trinidad Carnival. This band is seen as a trendsetter for their exceptional customer service, sexy sleek costume designs and the vibe on the road. 2017 band launch season has been no different, as we all waited patiently for the most highly anticipated band launch to set […]

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