BAND LAUNCH: Tribe Launches for Trinidad Carnival 2017

Tribe is by far the most popular band for Trinidad Carnival. This band is seen as a trendsetter for their exceptional customer service, sexy sleek costume designs and the vibe on the road.

2017 band launch season has been no different, as we all waited patiently for the most highly anticipated band launch to set the tone for carnival. Carnival Tribe presented us with their “Zeroes –  The Life Below” theme on July 17. We love everythingggg. This is the first time I have loved EVERY section of a band presentation.

Registration should open soon and is typically done through an affiliate of the band. Check Tribe’s website for details.

Tribe Carnival Zeroes Theme 2017Talon Tribe Carnival 2017Husky Tribe Carnival 2017Shiver Tribe Carnival 2017The Reef Tribe Carnival 2017Crossota Tribe Carnival 2017Australis Tribe Carnival 2017Glacier Tribe Carnival 2017Winterberry Tribe Carnival 2017Tundra Tribe Carnival 2017Inuit Tribe Carnival 2017Cardinal Tribe Carnival 2017Blitz Tribe Carnival 2017

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