Jamaica Carnival 2017: A Review of Xaymaca International

The highly anticipated and coveted Xaymaca International, came and conquered on April 23, during Jamaica Carnival 2017. Unlike years prior, Jamaica Carnival saw an influx of two new bands, Xaymaca being on one of them; carnival chasers had their hands filled with choosing the best band that would have brought them the most vibes while […]

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BAND LAUNCH: Xaymaca International launches for Jamaica Carnival 2017

Pronounced Zah-My-Kah, Xaymaca Carnival promises to bring us something new and something different that encapsulates the beauty of Jamaica. Naturally, because my favorite designer, Sandra Hordatt, endorsed and designed for Xaymaca,  I had HIGH expectations. I have played mas with LehWeGoandSleek as well and have become used to the luxurious and quality frontline experience that they […]

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