Trinidad Planning Checklist, Timeline & Budget

If you’re a Trinidad carnival veteran like us, then you’ve already started planning your trip to Trinidad Carnival for 2016. But for those of you who wanted to wait until band launch, the time has come. Global Carnivalist has created a checklist for the carnival virgins and even the veterans who need to tighten up their organizational skills.

The most urgent thing right now is to secure lodging. Lodging is usually the first thing to sell out, as many natives are returning home for the season as well as visitors. Flights have been available since February and are continuing to rise.

Bands are launching in the mid July/August time frames so plan to have your costume deposit ready.

Lastly fetes, ticket prices range from $50USD to $300USD (yes you read that correctly lol). Of course, we created a fete list to help guide you. Fete tickets usually become available in the November time frame, so please budget accordingly.

We’ve also put together a budget for you as a guide. *Figures are not exact but an estimate based on 2015 carnival. 

Dates: February 3 – February 10, 2016 

Budget: $2000 – 4000 USD (est. for a group of 4)
Lodging: $3700usd for the week (less if shared amongst friends)
Costume: $700 – $1500usd
Transportation: $400usd (car rental)
Flight: $350 – $1200usd (Depending on location and how soon you book)
Parties: $500-650usd for party tickets
Trinidad Planning ChecklistAs promised, the checklist!
Let us know if you have any questions
Yours in Mas 
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