FETE LIST: Where to Party for Trinidad Carnival 2016

It’s that time! Trinidad 2016 fetes have begun releasing tickets and we’ve prepared a full list for you of all the bess fetes, their ticket prices and where you can purchase tickets, please click “purchase here” to access the ticket pages. Happy buying! See you on the road!

Tuesday | February 2, 2016

10AM – Morning Rush Cooler Cruise ($50usd) – Purchase here

3PM – Vale Vibe Cooler ($50usd) – Purchase here

10PM Fall Out – Purchase here

Wednesday | February 3, 2016

4PM – Lime Carnival Fete – Purchase here

10PM – We Wednesday – Stay tuned

12PM – Scorch DDI Cruise – Contact committee members

Thursday | February 4, 2016

2AM – RAW ($40usd) – Purchase here

3AM – Caesar’s Army AM. Beach – Contact Committee Members

4AM – Sunny Side Jouvert Cooler Party ($50usd) – Register here

4PM – Beach House ($225usd.) – Contact info@beachhouse.me to reserve tickets

3PM – C’est La Vie – Stay tuned

10PM – Tribe Ignite ($100usd) – Purchase here

 Friday | February 5, 2016

8AM – Silent Morning ($80usd cooler/$125usd all inclusive) – Purchase here

11AM – BCB TNT Bright Colours ($50usd) – Purchase here

11AM – Candy Coated Cruise – Purchase here

2PM – Phucket ($110usd) – Purchase here

2PM – Scorch Duck Work ($79usd for women, $95usd for men) – Purchase here

10PM –  Blue Range Cooler Fete – Stay tuned

2PM – La Barge ($50usd) – Purchase here

Saturday | February 6, 2016

2AM – Caesar’s Army AM Bush ($110usd) – Contact Committee Members

TBD – Mawnin Neighbor – Stay tuned

10AM –  Soca Brainwash ($135usd) – SOLD OUT ONLINE (Contact Committee Members)

3PM -C’est La Vie Presents Flutes ($150usd) – Purchase here

6PM – Scorch Fever ($90usd for women, $110usd for men) – Purchase here

Sunday | February 7, 2016

4AM – Shades ($135usd) – Purchase here

4AM – D’Original Vale Vibe Breakfast Party – Contact committee members

4AM – Sunny Side Breakfast Party ($159usd pp, $265usd couples, $195usd ultra premium) – Purchase here

12PM – Beach House Cooler Fete – Purchase here

5PM – UV Vibe ($80 – $100usd) – Purchase here

Carnival Monday | February 8, 2016

Carnival Tuesday | February 9, 2016

Want to play mas? Choose which band you’ll play mas with

Wednesday | February 10, 2016

1PM – Wine Down Cruise  ($125usd)- Tickets can be purchased through committee members – Make payment here

1PM – Au Revoir Cooler Cruise ($80 – $120usd) – Purchase here

4PM – Baewatch Cooler Fete ($42sud) – Purchase here

Yours in Mas
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Carnival from a masquerader perspective - Where to fete? Band reviews? What to wear? I got you!

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