Miami Carnival 2015: A Review of Mascots International 


As a participant of Miami carnival since 2008, I have come to know what to expect when dealing with Miami. Carnival typically takes place inside of a venue, parking can be hectic if you get there too late and it’s crowded depending on the band you’re with. I played mas with Mascots International in 2014 and decided to return again. Hopefully my review will be able to tell why.


Registration with Mascots is extremely easy. Unlike last year, there was only a form to fill out and email to band leaders. This year, they added the option of registration through, which helps for those of us who don’t have access to printers to fill out our registration forms. Payment was also accepted via your bank’s bill pay or MoneyGram/Western Union.


Communication from Mascot’s has been EXCELLENT through out. I also work directly with Christine Sankar and she is nothing short of amazing. Prompt, professional and sweet. I’ve even come to see her as my mas mommy now. Mascots is after all organized by a family and you can see that with everything that they do.


Pickup day is always easy as Mascots is a large band but not too large to the point that you’re waiting for hours for your costume. Everything was organized, we were offered beverages (beers too) and had a great time chatting up with Christine.Costume Pickup


I won’t say blue is my favorite color but it’s getting to the point now that if you play mas often and want diversity, you’re going to have to try colors you don’t like. With that said, our costume was just as gorgeous in person as it was online. Everything stayed in place, gems were not sticking you every which way and I still have all my pieces. You may even see me with it on the road somewhere soon 🙂 (Note: I also had my own bra customized and a backpack added). This was also my first time wearing carnivalista stockings and I LOVED THEM. I will certainly be wearing them from here on out. 

THE ROAD – Food/Music/Staff/Vibes

The Road oh god was hot, even though there wasn’t that much sun, Miami was very humid this year. There was certainly plenty vibes, 5 Star Akil was the DJ on our band and kept the music pumping. The Staff were very attentive and made sure to keep us away from any danger and the DRINKS FLOWED! I wasn’t drunk but I was nice! lol (liking meh self). I did feel like our chip was too short because our truck crossed the stage early but my family and I simply walked back on the route to chip with other bands,

Miami Carnival 2015

Friends, Miami Carnival

Miami Carnival 2015


Carnival Prep: 

Backpack & Bra by DR Designs

Carnival Boots by Bacchanal Footwear

Makeup by Kendra

Stockings by Carnivalista

Yours in Mas

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 10.30.39 AM

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