Monday Wear 2016: All Designers

Carnival Monday used to be known as the casual day masqueraders could wear a tank top with some pum pum shorts and their band’s insignia somewhere on the outfit. Carnival Tuesday was the glam day where you got to rock your costume and best fashion gems, but those days are slowly changing.

Within the last three years, mas bands and private designers are offering Monday Wear in a more fashion forward way. Women are now getting their monokinis or bikinis designed instead of wearing a plain tube top. The burst of Monday Wear has now provided independent designers with an opportunity to showcase their work — creating a competitive culture for their work to be chosen by revelers.

While some designers already made an impact with their Monday Wear in 2015, Carnival 2016 will be even more exciting to see what current and new artists are bringing to the scene.

Below are some designers that have already launched their 2016 Monday Wear Options. Would you wear them? or opt to keep your tank top and shorts?


  • Steffan Lorenzo
  • Himaya by Nadia Batson
  • FonRose
  • Marie Collette
  • Keisha Als
  • cANYAval
  • Rhion Rhomany
  • Decoteau Designs
  • Neil Young
  • Humzee Designs
  • Chandra Maharaj
  • Christian Boucaud Designs
  • Mika Mas
  • Sherise Stewart
  • Laura Narayansingh
  • J’Fab Body
  • Chez Zen Mas
  • Vivre By Chelsea
  • Ryan Chan
  • Rebel
  • MonDiva by J.Angelique

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