A Guide on Trinidad Carnival Bands : Which One of These Bands Wukking Up The Bess

Hold on to your feathers! It’s band launch season. There are so many costume bands to choose from, ranging from price points, vibes and customer service. If it’s your first time attending Trinidad Carnival or you’re thinking about leaving the band you’ve been loyal to for a couple years, this article is for you. (Or if you can’t choose between all these pretty costumes). Let’s start with a list and score grid.

*This Guide has since been updated. Please read the latest guide here* 


Vibes: 4.8/5

Customer Service: TRIBE provides excellent customer service and communicates with their masqueraders. Costumes are of great quality and they are willing to go the extra mile to satisfy their customers. Food, amenities and drinks are top notch as well.

Ease of Registration: Tribe has one of the most difficult registration processes, you MUST know a committee member to be registered; preference is also given to past masqueraders

Cost: $$$$



Vibes: 3.5/5

Customer Service: Owned by TRIBE, the customer service and quality are on point. On the road, drinks are flowing and all meals/snacks are delicious. Bliss Carnival caters to the masqueraders who want to stay pretty and tend to be less of the Bacchanalist group.

Ease of Registration: Registration is done through a committee member.

Cost: $$$$



Vibes: 4.5/5

Customer Service: While having some of the most beautiful and top quality costumes, Yuma has struggled with their customer service in the past. They have very long costume pickup lines, young and sometimes unprofessional customer service reps and this has tainted the view of them in the public. With that being said, they do provide a great on the road experience — lunch is okay, amenities are great and the drinks are always flowing.

Ease of Registration: Registration is open to past masqueraders first, then opens to the general public after. As 2018, Yuma’s registration can be handled online.

Cost: $$$


YUMA Vibe “Starburst” – Trinidad Carnival


Vibes: 4/5

Customer Service. Paparazzi has great vibes on the road with plenty of room for you to chip and wine as they are considered a small-big band (Smaller than IP and Yuma). Their costumes however are sometimes designed for the look, not for the road and are poorly constructed. Their road service – drinks and vibes will exceed your expectations especially if that’s what you’re paying for.

Ease of Registration: Registration Available Online

Cost: $$$


Entice Carnival 

Vibes: N/A

Customer Service: New kids on the block so we can’t rank them yet but their costumes are gorgeous and their band launch looked splendid. Global Carnivalist has high expectations for Entice!

Ease of Registration: N/A

Cost: N/A



Vibes: N/A

Customer Service: N/A

Ease of Registration: Registration is open to committee members and affiliates before opening to the public

Cost: $$$

*Passion Carnival has not launched yet for 2016 therefore there are no costume pictures. 


Vibes: 3.8/5

Customer Service; Customer service with this band has been sometimes shaky but they are always willing to improve to take care of their masqueraders. Drinks and amenities are BESS on the road! They also have some of the most gorgeous costumes year after year. While a bead or two might fall off, a CSR is willing to stick it back on for you.

Ease of Registration: Registration Available online.

Cost: $$$



Vibes: 4.8/5

Customer Service: While IP is a bacchanalist band and you’re guaranteed to have a blast on the road, their communication with masqueraders is lackluster and this taints their reputation. Drinks are flowing on the road, but their food could use some improvement. They also have wonderful amenities and staff.

Ease of Registration: Registration available online.

Cost: $$$

island people carnival 2015


Vibes: 3/5

Customer Service: A band dominant with foreigners, Harts provides a comfort for those who want to have fun in a non Bacchanalist sort of way. While known for their “uppity” masqueraders and discriminatory photographers (against the darker shaded folks), Harts does have personnel who will cater to all customers. Drinks are not included into the price of your costume. Customer Service is satisfactory. If you want bacchanal this is not the band for you.

Ease of Registration: Registration Available Online

Cost: $$-$$$


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  1. My friends and I are considering playing mas with Utopia Mas. This would be our first time experiencing Carnival in Trinidad. Can you tell me a little more about this band. How is their reputation ? Thank you

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