Trinidad Carnival 2016 – Event ReCap

The time of our lives we spent the WHOLE year waiting for – came… impressed us and went. (damn). And so now it’s time to reflect. What were the best parties? The baddest tunes and bess band!

The Global Carnivalist crew touched down on Thursday night (rather late for the carnival season) but AM Beach and Scorch DDI Boatride were amazing based on the feedback from our readers. Rhell vibes, sexy woman and man and an awesome staff. Beach House was lackluster — the beach house team made a venue change and most of their patrons were not pleased with how dusty and bland the location was. Beach House, most times, sticking with what works for your event is best! Let’s move on to Carnival Friday – FANTASTIC FRIDAY!

We’d like to congratulate Voice for winning the International Soca Monarch title with the Carnival hit tune ‘Cheers to Life’ . That song is AMAZING. Cheers to Life spreads a positive message and we all feel like winners when listening to it.

Next stop was Phuket. I truly enjoyed Phuket. It wasn’t too crowded, the drinks flowed (and were strong). Someone in our crew even end up on a man shoulder haha! We were busy having too much fun so there aren’t too many pics to prove how good of a time we had.

Now Soca Brainwash on Saturday morning was a fucking winner!! The sun was hot as hell eh but the vibes, ambiance and quality of food at this event were amazing. I was thoroughly impressed with the bathroom area for women also. Party organizers are really stepping it up, even though you’re still using a portable-potty, they’re presenting them better.

oh God!  — Sunday Morning – Sunny Side Breakfast party reach! I didn’t get in the foam and water this year but really enjoyed myself. I ate, drank and was extremely merry at Sunny Side! Their parties are always a hit, no matter what country or city it’s in! (check meh crew nuh)


It was oUV Vibe TTur first time even hearing about UV Vibe and so we decided to give them a try. UV Vibe appeared to be a bajan promotion company and you could tell by their patrons, it was Barbados heavy! A little too heavy for my liking as i didn’t hear much Trinidadian soca but it was a great time none the less. The venue was Anchorage Beach Club which was lovely but too big for the amount of patrons that actually attended. Everyone eventually moved right infront the stage and we had a blast. Preedy, Nikita, Teddyson John and Lyrikal also give us a performace.

Now let’s talk about Carnival Monday. Some would argue that they love wearing their costumes on Carnival Tuesday, but I must say Carnival Monday is by far my favorite day being on the road. I don’t have to worry about costumes poking me, everyone is having a great time wukking up and you get to see creativity shine through since everyone has on their individually designed Monday Wear. My neon green Monday Wear was designed by Bacchanal Footwear and I loved how it looked on me. (Can you tell?). Yuma’s band was vibes, Truck 5 and 8 were amazing, the drinks flowed and I was hype for Tuesday to come.

Now while this was not my favorite costume that i’ve ever worn, I enjoyed the vibes of YUMA and so that made up for it. So many gorgeous costumes were on the road this year, especially from Tribe and Yuma with Scorpion Sting and Sugar Daddy. Great job by the designers!

Last lap is always Ash Wednesday in Tobago. This year we were able to secure tickets to Candy Coated’s Wine Down Tobago. While we couldn’t stay the full time of the event, the few hours we were there was amazing. (wining in water is way harder than it looks lol)

Top Songs for the Carnival Season
  1. Cheers to Life – Voice 
  2. Non Stop – Pternsky 
  3. Mon Bon Ami – Angela Hunte 
  4. Waiting on the Stage – Machel Montano
  5. People – Kes 
So what were the best parties for you? Who did you play mas with? Tag us on IG with your costume pics so we can see. Want to write a review too? Email us at
Yours in Mas
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