Dominica Carnival 2016: A Review of Hysteria Mas



 The registration for Hysteria Mas was very easy and user friendly. I was able to register directly with a committee member and was able to modify the body wear portion of the costume to my comfort. Different payment options were given by the committee member, one of which included an emailed invoice outlining the costume items (add-ons etc).


Throughout the process, the committee member through which I registered,  had awesome communication with me letting me know when and where I should pick up my costume. Backline members were emailed informing them of their pick up schedule. The schedule was also posted on their website.


Costume pickup day went according to schedule for each section for the most part. Upon arrival for my section however, I discovered that I was misinformed as to my pick up time being that I was a section leader. I did not receive my costume that day, but instead received it the morning of playing on the road. Drinks, snacks etc were not offered during pickup for others waiting in line. Many masqueraders complained that they were not satisfied with the service that they received, and that costume pieces were missing causing them to come back at a later time to pick up.


My costume did exceed my expectations. I must commend their designers on ensuring that their section leaders were distinct from the backline masqueraders and that the costume held up very well while on the road. I was able to bring my costume back to the states with no missing feathers or gems.

In addition, my shoes from Bacchanal Footwear managed to make it from the US to Dominica and back without as much as a feather dropping off. Kudos to the designer! And trust me. I got on bad!

THE ROAD – Food/Music/Staff/Vibes

Despite the mix-up with the costume pickup, it was all worth it when I got on the road. Hysteria had the biggest band on the road by FAR and never once lost a beat on the vibes. They ensured that they gave their masqueraders a lot of what they wanted musically. Although Dominica is not known for playing Soca during carnival, Hysteria knew that there were Soca lovers within their band and they gave the people what they wanted. In addition, they kept the culture of bouyon and calypso music.

The rest stop was very well organized with food and the band gave chicken and fish options for masqueraders. The drinks truck on the road parked at the rest stop and kept the drinks flowing for everyone.

After lunch, Triple Kay Band kept the crowd hype. You would think at this point the alcohol would be low, but there was no ending to the drinks. What made it even better is that the servers on the drinks truck were quick and efficient. The highlight of the liquor serving was when the  “snow cone” man drove his cart through the band with the horn serving alcoholic snow cones that he made on the spot.

There was no “stush” vibes about Hysteria Mas 2016. And not one time when I felt as though I needed to leave the band to go explore others. I needed nothing else from Hysteria on carnival Tuesday.


Carnival Prep: 

My Monday wear consisted of regular black boots, shorts and a Carnival Craze T-shirt.

Tuesdays’ makeup was done by me. supplied my stockings and my boots were done by the amazing Bacchanal Footwear

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  1. All this is a load of bull….half the patrons did not receive lunch….a member complained and was asked to exit the band by one of the founders of say that there was no stush vibe is misleading…because in reality it IS!!! The band came out late ..after 11am…the parade starts at 930!!! Patrons were left standing there for more than hour waiting!!!! My wire bra was in pieces after 1 hour of parading….half my titties were exposed by then!

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