FETE LIST: Where to Party for Caribana 2016

CARIBANA TIME FRAME: July 27 – August 1, 2016

We all know parties are typically hit or miss, especially if you’re visiting from out of town and don’t know which ones will provide you with the best party experience. But have no fear, the Global Carnivalist is here to give you some best fete options.


3PM – Private Ryan Presents Soca Starter in The Six – Purchase here


3PM –  SCORCH Duck Work — Purchase here


12PM – Suits Toronto — Purchase here

3PM – Soca or Die — Purchase here

10PM – The Clinic, Carnival Edition – Purchase here


12PM – High Noon Boat Ride — Purchase here

1PM – Pure, The Day Cruise — Purchase here

2PM – Flare — Purchase here

9PM – Re-Jouvert-Nate – Purchase here

10PM – SHINE Toronto — Purchase here

10PM – One Big Dutty Jouvert — Purchase here


C A R N I V A L     D A Y  –  2 0 1 6 

9PM – Carnival Kingdom — Purchase here


7PM – Carnival Bliss Cruise — Purchase here

12PM – Sunday Blocko — Purchase here

1PM – Saldenah Sunday — Purchase here


12PM – Carnival Rehab Pool Party — Purchase here



We will keep updating this list as the information becomes available. Party hard!

Yours in Mas

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