BAND LAUNCH: Yuma Vibe Launches for Trinidad Carnival 2017

Yuma Vibe launched “Origins”, their 2017 Trinidad Carnival presentation last night. Some of the best male costumes for Trinidad Carnival were showcased. Inti is hands down my favorite section by Keisha Als. Great job by the designer. Registration details will be up soon. Which section do you love the most?


Yuma Vibe Inti FrontlineYuma Vibe Inti BacklineYuma Vibe Iktomi FrontlineYuma Vibe Iktomi MaleYuma Vibe Navajo FrontlineYuma Vibe Iktomi Backlinemale1-1Yuma Vibe Kente FrontlineYuma Vibe Inti MaleYuma Vibe Anhinga FrontlineYuma Vibe Navajo BacklineYuma Vibe Maquarri FrontlineYuma Vibe Columbiana FrontlineYuma Vibe Columbiana Backlinemale1-3Yuma Vibe Cheyenne Frontlinemale1-5Yuma Vibe Kente BacklineYuma Vibe Boudica FrontlineYuma Vibe Taureg FrontlineYuma Vibe Taureg BacklineYuma Vibe Cherokee Backlinemale1-4Yuma Vibe Gole FrontlineYuma Vibe Cheyenne BacklineYuma Vibe Zulu BacklineYuma Vibe Taureg MaleColombiana Male Yuma Vibe 2016Yuma Vibe Cai MaleYuma Vibe Maquarri BacklineYuma Vibe Anhinga BacklineYuma Vibe Cai BacklineYuma Vibe Zulu MaleYuma Vibe Cherokee MaleYuma Vibe Cai FrontlineYuma Vibe Gole BacklineYuma Vibe Cherokee FrontlineYuma Vibe Gole MaleYuma Vibe Zulu FrontlineYuma Vibe Cheyenne Male


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