Trinidad Carnival Checklist, Timeline and Budget 2017

You’ve been following us for awhile (if not, click that follow button) so you already know the Global Carnivalist Team is on top of their 2017 Trini Carnival planning. But for those of you who like to procrastinate, it’s not too late. Hopefully you can find somewhere to sleep, that’s usually the biggest issue. If you’re from T&T, ask granny to sleep on the sette. Yuma launched on Saturday, our last big band,  and so now it’s time to get serious.


We’re doing this post later than usual and by now all big bands have launched. Don’t know which band to play mas with? Here are your list of options. Register ASAP!!! Some sections are already sold out. Call who you know for the committee registration (yuh must know someone to play mas in the people band) bands.

Inuit Tribe Carnival 2017


Fete ticket prices range from $60USD to $400USD (yes you read that correctly lol). Of course, we will create a fete list to guide you. Fete tickets usually become available in the November time frame, so please budget accordingly. Plan to visit from February 22 to March 2, 2016 to have THE most enjoyable time and attend all the best fetes. If you can stay longer, even better.

We’ve also put together a budget for you as a guide. *Figures are not exact but an estimate based on 2016 carnival. 


$2000 – 4000 USD (est. for a group of 4)

  • Lodging: $3700usd for the week (less if shared amongst friends)
  • Costume: $700 – $1500usd
  • Transportation: $400usd (car rental)
  • Flight: $350 – $1200usd (Depending on location and how soon you book)
  • Parties: $500-650usd for party tickets


As promised, the checklist! Let us know if you have any questions

Trinidad Carnival 2017 Checklist

Yours in Mas 

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3 thoughts on “Trinidad Carnival Checklist, Timeline and Budget 2017

  1. Hi, you mention transportation. If you are staying in a hotel by Queen’s Park Savannah do you need to rent a car? Is the car rental primary to get to and from the fetes? Are taxis not feasible? And if you did rent a car, where will you park it at night?

    1. You may not need to rent a car if you’re at a hotel but most of the events take place in Chaguaramas or Diego Martin, which is 20-30 minutes away. The only time you will be close to the action is on the parade days and if you’re going to the Monarch shows on Fantastic Friday. Taxis are feasible but of course can be pricey. If you did rent a car, most hotels have parking or you can park on the street. We always recommend hiring a driver so that no drunk driving takes place.

  2. Do you have any reviews on the band Passion? What is your take on the particular band compared to the band Bliss and YUMA?

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