FETE LIST: Where to Party for Miami Carnival 2016

TIME FRAME: October 5 – 11, 2016

You know you’ve been looking out for it, the infamous Global Carnivalist – Miami Carnival fete list [miami carnival 2016 fetes schedule] that gives you all the hot fetes and their purchase links in one location. Because ain’t nobody got time to be looking all over google for them. Miami Carnival 2016 will maintain most of their notable events like Rise and Shine Miami, Soca Brainwash Miami 2016, Tribe Ignite and we even have newbies like Sunnation’s Breakfast Party and Hookie. Hookie partnered with One Island Band this year, we’re looking forward to their event.

*Update – Hurricane Matthew is scheduled to hit Florida on Carnival Thursday, because of this, a lot of parties have changed venues or dates. Please be safe while trying to attend events.


3PM – TriniJungle Juice Presents – Arrivals[ Venue Change] Online Tickets SOLD OUT



9AM – Wake Up Miami  – Purchase tickets here

10AM – Sun N Soca [Venue Change] EVENT SOLD OUT

11AM – Rise Miami & Shine NYC – Purchase tickets here

3PM – Scorch Duck Work – [Venue Change] Purchase tickets here

6PM – I Love Soca Jamaica [Miami Vibes] – Purchase tickets here

8PM –  I Am Soca – Purchase tickets here

10PM – MOA White Hot Miami[Date Change] Sales Ended

10PM – Block-O Mania – Purchase tickets here

11PM  – Scorch Big Phat Fish – Purchase tickets 


4AM – Vale Vibe Breakfast Party – Purchase tickets here

5AM – Sunnation presents Sunrise Breakfast Party – Purchase tickets here

9AM – Broward Park Jouvert

11AM – Vaughn’s Red Eye – Purchase tickets here

3PM – Soca Brainwash Miami – NEON – This event is SOLD OUT

8PM – SCORCH + Spice – Purchase tickets  here

9PM – Viva La Carnival Cooler Fete – This event is SOLD OUT

9PM – Carnival Kingdom featuring Machel Montano – Purchase tickets here


10PM – Indulge “Miami After Carnival Party”  – Purchase tickets here

11PM – TRIBE Ignite Miami – [Date Change] Purchase tickets here


7AM – Suits Cruise Miami 2016 – Purchase tickets here

2PM – Glasshouse Miami Monday 2016  –  Purchase tickets here

4PM – Scorch Splash Pool Party – Purchase tickets here

Hookie Miami Beach – [Date Moved] Purchase tickets here


Yours in Mas

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33 thoughts on “FETE LIST: Where to Party for Miami Carnival 2016

    1. thanks for the list!! do u think its possible to go to jouvert on saturday then go to soca brainwash? jouvert finish at 3pm and brainwash start at 3pm


  1. Thank you GlobalCarnivalist, I purchase my Soca Brainwash tickets yesterday. Do u know if it’s an all-inclusive fete?

  2. Do you know when the second batch of Soca Brainwash tickets will be coming, and if the price will go up?

  3. Thanks for posting this. Very helpful? For Friday and Saturday nights, which fetes would you say will have the best overall crowd in terms of looks and non-stush behavior lol? Just want to be around cool people who understand that its just a dance and I’m not trying to propose.

    1. Charles, in my opinion, best overall fete (for woman and non stush vibes) would be: I Am Soca, and Big Phat Fish on Friday and Soca Brainwash or Viva La Carnival on Saturday. Hope this helps.

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