FETE LIST: Where to Fete for Trinidad Carnival 2017

February 21 – March 3, 2017

It’s that time! Trinidad Carnival 2017 Fete List and Carnival Schedule!

Trinidad Carnival 2017 fete organizers have begun releasing tickets and we’ve prepared a full list for you of all the bess fetes, their ticket prices and where you can purchase tickets, please click “purchase here” to access the ticket pages. If the link is not there, the ticket is not yet available for purchasing. Events will be added as they become available.   Happy buying!

February 21, Tuesday

Vale Vibe Cooler Fete – Purchase tickets here

February 22, Wednesday

2PM – Scorch DDI 2017 ($125 chicks/$140 dicks) – Purchase tickets here

3PM – Shades Carnival Cooler ($50usd) – Purchase tickets here

4PM – Lime Carnival Fete ($275usd/$500usd) – Purchase tickets here

5PM – Frontline All-Inclusive – Glamour 2017 ($125usd) – Purchase tickets here 

7PM – Frazzled Plus – Purchase tickets here

February 23, Thursday

3AM – Caesar’s Army AM. Beach 2017 ($120usd) – Purchase tickets here

5AM – SunnysSideUp Jouvert Cooler Party ($53usd) – Purchase tickets here

2PM – Beach House ($210usd) – Contact info@beachhouse.me to reserve tickets

2PM – C’est La Vie ($140usd) – Purchase tickets here

7PM – Stranded by the Pool ($84usd)  – Purchase tickets here

10PM – Tribe Ignite ($105usd)  – Purchase tickets here

February 24, Friday

8AM – Silent Morning Boatride 2017 ($125usd) – Purchase tickets here

8AM – ROAST Cruise w/ Brunch  ($145usd) – Purchase tickets here

9AM – Rise N’ Shine Cooler Cruise ($54usd) – Purchase tickets here

11AM – Candy Coated Cruise ($122usd) – Invite Only or Committee Members

11AM – Bright Colours Boatride ($40usd) – Purchase tickets here

2PM – Phuket ($120usd) – Purchase tickets here

2PM – Scorch Duck Work ($45-90usd) – Purchase tickets here

4PM – Sail La Vie Boatride ($50usd) – Purchase tickets here

7PM – Rum and Music Cooler Cruise ($50usd) – Purchase tickets here

9PM – Illusions Melee ($250TTD) – Purchase tickets here

10PM – Blue Range Cooler Fete ($58usd) – Purchase tickets here

10PM – Revel Nation – Machel on Friday ($59usd) – Purchase tickets here

February 25, Saturday

3AM – Caesar’s Army AM Bush ($140usd) – Register here

7AM – SUITS Breakfast Cooler Cruise (375TT women/$400TT men) – THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT

9AM – Buenos Dias Cooler Cruise ($50usd)  – Purchase tickets here

11AM –  Soca Brainwash Heaven 2017 ($140usd) – THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT

2PM – Bare Carnival 2017 ($84usd) – Purchase tickets here

7PM – SS Wassy Boatride  ($45usd) – Purchase tickets here 

10PM – YUMA Activate ($100usd) – Purchase tickets here

February 26, Sunday

4AM – Shades ($135usd) – Purchase tickets here

4AM – D’Original Vale Vibe Breakfast Party – Request tickets here

4AM – Sunny Side Breakfast Party ($150usd) – Purchase tickets here

2PM – BessLime Carnival Island ($50usd) – Purchase tickets here 

2PM – Beach House Cooler 2017 ($50usd) – Purchase tickets here

4PM – UV Vibe Cooler 2017 ($50usd) – Purchase tickets here

6PM – Caesar’s Army Bacchanal Blocko ($85usd early bird) – Purchase tickets here 

Carnival Monday

Still looking for Monday wear? Choose whose designs will adorn your body

Carnival Tuesday

Want to play mas? Choose which band you’ll play mas with

March 1, Ash Wednesday

1PM – Candy Coated Wine Down [Tobago] ($130usd) – Purchase tickets here

1PM – Au Revoir ($124usd) – Purchase tickets here

4PM – After Blast [Trinidad] 2017 ($50usd early bird) – Purchase tickets here

March 2, Thursday

11AM – Post Carnival Relief [Trinidad] ($80usd) – Purchase tickets here

March 3, Friday

6AM – Candy Coated Break [Tobago] ($60usd) – Purchase tickets here

9PM – Encore Cooler Party [Tobago] ($43usd) – Purchase tickets here

Yours in Mas

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20 thoughts on “FETE LIST: Where to Fete for Trinidad Carnival 2017

  1. Hello! I was unable to secure tickets for the Soca brainwash heaven, what fête would you recommend for Saturday?

      1. Thanks for your reply! Where can i find info on the event? Do you know when the tickets will be online?

  2. Do you have any reviews on Jouvert? Fantasy, Clay, Dirty Dozen, Cocoa Devils, Red Ants and Yellow Devilz were a few that was mentioned to me.

  3. Thanks for the fetes update! But what about fetes prior to carnival week? ? You have any info on those? Specifically looking for the weekend of pan semis February 10th to 12th. Thanks and great blog!!

  4. Great list you have here, I’m planning my trip around this list as you update it. Which ones from this list would you say to focus on as a 1st timer for Carnival.

  5. Thank you soo much for this comprehensive list! There are soo many events that it makes it hard to keep track of when and what time etc.. I love that you included the links as well! Soo easy!

  6. Hello! I have tried emailing red ants to buy our jouvert tickets but they are not responding. Do you know if tickets have gone one sale yet? Are they sold out? Thank you xxx

    1. Hey Coline,

      My friend connected with one of the committee members on Facebook. You can try that route and it might work for you.

  7. Hi

    As of today , Is Phuket sold out!!!?? No longer seeing tickets on eventbrite although I reserved . I did not get an email confirmation.

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