Trinidad Carnival 100 Day Countdown

Carnival Loves,

We’re in the thick of planning our journey to Trinidad Carnival — isn’t it the most frustrating and exciting time? lol The stress of getting tickets, getting all your friends on board, seeing who all want to go to what fete, getting an outfit for said fete, getting your costume, paying for the costume and most importantly, GETTING yourself ready physically for all the partying you’re about to put your body through.

I actually have a process to get myself “Carnival Ready”. More so carnival chic and sexy, because the game has certainly changed since social media and blogs has infiltrated the carnival scene. A damn camera always in your face, so yuh hadda look your bess. Here is my process.


I am a planner. Not planning literally gives me anxiety because I do not feel prepared. So having my items at least chosen out for the road, eases meh stress.We have 3 months to go but in the carnival world, you’re already behind. Here are some things you should have by the end of December.

  • Your costume – if you didn’t register with a band then buying at re-sale may help
  • Your accommodations and flight — cyan buy fete tickets if you don’t know when you reaching right?
  • (Women) Make up appointments – All of the top MUAs in Trinidad are already booked, so hurry up or get all your products to do it yourself
  • Monday Wear – Same as above, designers have started production, unless you’re ordering from Amazon, do not delay.
  • Transportation Arrangements – Car rental, personal driver or maxi, at least decide which route you would like to take.


Yes, skincare is important!! You ever see a woman in her costume and cellulite everywhere, she skin eh glowing or too much acne bumps in the pics? Yes yes we’re all gods children and we’re beautiful but we’re half naked, do meh eyes justice. I’ve never had acne or major skin issues so I can’t speak to resolving that but I am very meticulous about what I eat to prevent acne issues and inflammation as well as using products and ensuring my hands are CLEAN.

  • I use eye cream twice daily. Brand: DHC concentrated eye cream or Ole Henriksen eye cream
  • I cleanse, tone, cleanse again at night: Brands: Neutrogena Naturals to cleanse (I poured some tea tree oil in my face wash),  Rose water to tone, Dr. Dennis Gross alpha beta pads to cleanse again.
  • I MOISTURIZE obsessively. The key to my glowing skin is water and Shea butter. I spend about 20-30 minutes a day (morning and night) just moisturizing. It’s best to moisturize right out of the shower as your skin is still damp so it absorbs all of the moisturizer. I only use body butter.  On my face, I use hemp seed oil and a retinol serum to moisturize (I also do my neck and decollete), During the day, I use Neutrogena combination skin moisturizer with my retinol serum.
  • Face masks. I apply a turmeric face mask twice weekly to help keep my skin clean, and to get rid of any pimple marks I may get. You can add coconut oil, buttermilk or makuna honey to your face mask. Bentonite Clay masks are also good.
  • Exfoliate your bikini line. Trust me you do not want bumps on carnival day. Exfoliate and stop shaving – WAX!!

It’s fine also if you have your own process but you should definitely focus on skin improvement. Things to remember


I would say I have a pretty strict diet, I limit my sugar intake to 10Gs daily, I only eat fish and I limit my carb intake. But CARNIVAL is here so there is a ramp up of the things I won’t eat. Sugar period is a no for me. I drink tea daily for my dose of caffeine, and all my meals consist of fish with two veggie sides. A new thing I started doing was drinking a cold pressed juice daily. My favorite has been carrot juice and beet juice. They’re good for your skin, inflammation and your colon.

If you’re having a hard time being good, try out the Whole30 Diet. There are grocery lists and guides to help you excel. Want to try juicing or not clear on what’s good to eat? Here are some suggestionshealthy-snacks .


I naturally have a petite frame, but there is such a thing as being skinny fat or not being toned so I typically skip heavy cardio because I don’t want to lose any weight but will do a lot more weight lifting while at the gym. During carnival training time I’m headed to the gym 4x a week with a focus on my core, back and legs.  Get an accountability partner, that way someone is on this carnival body journey with you.

Don’t have a gym membership? Here are some things you can do at home.


If there are any tips you would like to share, let us know in the comments below. Carnival Veterans especially, what is your process, I’d love to know.

Yours in Mas,


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Carnival from a masquerader perspective - Where to fete? Band reviews? What to wear? I got you!

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  1. Ohhh yes honey! Definitely about to try some of those facial treatments. Shea butter is life! Those butt workouts are some of my favorite….they work. Started from the bottom in high school….now I’m here! I have to save this whole post when JA Carnival comes around lol. Thanks for this!

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