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I had zero expectations when I boarded my flight for NOLA. Mostly because I’d gone there 10 years ago right after Hurricane Katrina plus there was no carnival or culture I was specifically interested in partaking in. However, New Orleans is known for their art, music, non-stop drinking along bourbon street and FOOD!


img_1350fullsizerender-10New Orleans Global Carnivalist

We stayed at the W in the French Quarter. Which gave me southern glam. I loved this hotel with it’s beautifully lit courtyard at night and intricate wallpaper and wall art.


When I say I ate? I had more meals per day than my poor belly could allow. I have so many pictures of food because I wanted to share with you all the great restaurant options in NOLA. Commander’s Place was HIGHLY recommended by people, blogs, travel sites and let me just say, it lives up the the hype. The service was EXCELLENT, and the food and dessert were even better. I was stuffed and yet did not want to leave. I just wanted to start all over again. For the price of your entree, which ranged from $37-$49 dollars included a starter and a dessert. WHO DOESN’T LOVE THAT?

Commander’s Place


We ate at several other places like Frankie and Johnnie’s and Evangeline’s, which are local popular places. The one spot I had to stop by was the infamous Cafe Du Monde. Known as the first coffee stand, i went twice because the beignets were just that good lol and i was feeling greedy. Be prepared for long lines if you go during peak hours. This location in the French Quarter is open 24/7 hours so you may have a chance to avoid long lines.



We also walked around casually daily, scanning the art, talking to locals, hopping in and out of bars since you can drink on the street AND enter other bars with said drink. NOLA is just a more relaxed vibe overall. We also rode the cable trolley and walked  throughout the Garden District after eating at Commander’s Place.


Maris in NOLAimg_1492

I would definitely visit again, even if it’s only to indulge in food. Have any of my readers been to NOLA? What are some things you love?

Til my next trip

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  1. I love NOLA simply for the food and drink. I’m glad you got a chance to go again and experience it as an adult.

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