Top 10 Carnival Costumes of 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, we look back on our carnival year and the gorgeous costumes that graced the road. These 10 are my personal favorites and are listed in order of the carnivals as they took place, not a ranking – i love them all equally.

2016 appeared to be the year of the tiara/jeweled crown or perhaps those are the types of costumes I loved the most. Give me a sexy print, some jeweled detailing and a sexy crown with a feathered backpack over a large headpiece any day.

Time to go down memory lane, remember these?

Trinidad Carnival

YUMA Vibe “Sugar Daddy” – Trinidad Carnival

Sugar Daddy was one of the hottest frontline only sections on the road. All the girls were bess! Designed by David Dewer

YUMA Vibe “Starburst” – Trinidad Carnival

The jeweled bra was my favorite on Starburst and while I didn’t see this costume on the road, i’m sure it was amazing.

Island People Mas 2015
Island People Mas – “Guardian of Wealth” Trinidad Carnival

IP!! Big up yourself for a design well done. I can’t imagine how functional this costume would be but i’d put it in the “pretty mas” section, where it looks great but might not be the most practical for the wuk up (nip slip) . I loved the use of red and beading on this one piece. Designed by Kwasi Kyle McDonald

Tribe Carnival “Iguazu” – Trinidad Carnival

I loveddddddd this section. Iguazu’s high-cut thong panty, jeweled crown and bra were to die for!! Would your arms get irritated with sleeved feathers? I don’t know but I figure your back would be hot with feathers anyway. Great way to re-do the feathering for a front-line!

Tribe Carnival “Scorpion Sting” – Trinidad Carnival

Frontliners only section stand up! Scorpion Sting RULED the road for Trinidad Carnival and can’t you just see why? Before you even check out the beading, check out the fabric’s print. Beautiful! And you guys already know how I feel about a high cut panty and some beading 🙂 Designed by Ruana Evans

Jamaica Carnival

LehWeGoANDSleek “Royal” – Jamaica Carnival

Now entering Jamaica, I was soooo sad I didn’t go to Jamaica carnival this year. OtherwiseI would have adorned my chocolate skin with this costume. Lush! Great job LehwegoANDSleek!

Hollywood Carnival

Hollywood Massive “Laissez Faire” – Hollywood Carnival

Again.. BEADING! Backpack and a crown!!! Beautiful costume for a smaller carnival. Designed by Claude Desir


Birds of Paradise
Carnival Nationz “Birds of Paradise” – Caribana

I was happy I got to wear this gorgeous print during Caribana. Birds of Feather captured my heart the night of band launch with the details of this costume. It was even more pretty in person.

Crop Over

Erup The Band “Thea” – Crop Over

Erup the Band’s section THEA was fire. I’m a sucker for anything white, and those metallic accents and thigh pieces are hitting! The ladies on the road who rocked this looked amazing.

Miami Carnival

Revel Nation Carnival “Berserker” – Miami Carnival

MY SECTION!! Another favorite that I got to wore! Berserker ruled the damn road, the baddest women wore this costume. It was even more beautiful in person as it was during band launch and the media launch. The designers did a great job with this piece.

What were some of your favorites? And what are you loving about 2017 presentations so far? January is so close and we’ll kick off band launches for Jamaica Carnival and Bermuda Heroes Weekend very soon. Looking forward to more creations in the upcoming year.

Yours in Mas

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