Band Launch: Baje International Launches for Crop Over 2017

Time to get into Crop Over! Crop Over season starts shortly but we have 98 days until Kadooment and that means, fete lists to prepare, costumes to choose and band launches to showcase. Some bands (Xhosa, Kontact) have launched already.

Baje International came to slay with their gorgeous colors and intricate unique designs. This band is already prepared for masqueraders to register as registration is currently open. Frontline prices start in the $900usd and up range, Backline prices start in the $330usd range.

Here is their presentation

Anka2-1Anka9Bennu6Bennu7Bennu11Bennu16Firebird33Firebird34Firebird35Amleya Clarke Photography | | | @amleyaclarkephotography | #amleyalclarkephotography | Copyright Amleya Clarke Photography 2017 | All rights reservedRaven3This-Is-The-Life7

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