FETE LIST: NYC Memorial Weekend 2017

Sheesh, well at least 2017 is flying by, for some of us that’s a great thing because it’s time to kick off Summer! Looking for something to do? Well, Memorial Weekend in NYC is a staple and highlight for many.

Global Carnivalist has become known for their fete lists — everything you need to know in one place. This is where you need to be for Memorial Weekend.

Thursday | May 25, 2017

8PM – C’est La Vie ($45usd) – Purchase here

Friday | May 26, 2017

8PM – Silent Morning Party Presents Verve ($38usd) – Purchase here

8PM – Private Ryan Presents Press Play ($50usd) – This Event is SOLD OUT

Saturday | May 27, 2017

2PM – Scorch  & Ice ($40usd) – Purchase here 

8PM – Vale Vibe Yacht All Inclusive ($100usd) – Purchase here

Sunday | May 28, 2017

SugarCane’s Blossom ($55usd) – Sold Only at SugarCane Restaurant

2PM – RISE – Soca Brunch Party ($30usd) – Purchase here 

Monday | May 29, 2017

2PM – Natalie Presents Shhh ($45usd) – Purchase here

11AM – Shine Xclusv ($50usd) – Purchase here


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