Planning Miami Carnival 2017

Time to plan for the best carnival in North America – Miami Carnival. Miami Carnival has easily climbed the charts as one of the biggest and most attended in the states. Miami Carnival weekend kicks off from October 5 – October 10 this year.

Where is Miami Carnival?

For the people who are not playing mas, the Miami Carnival parade will take place at Miami Dade Fair Grounds — 10901 SW 24 St • Miami, FL 33165


While Miami Carnival is one of the easier events to attend, when you purchase your flight can make or break your budget. FLY  – Flying into Miami International Airport or Fort Lauderdale airport are your best options. We recommend buying flights before band launch to avoid paying outrageous airfare costs. Flights from JFK are currently in the $310 plus range.


There are plenty hotel options in Florida. Luckily for most people, you have the option of staying in Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Miami will be more expensive but will be better located to all the events (except Jouvert which is in Lauderhill). AirBnB is another affordable option.

Staying in Miami will decrease cost regarding transportation. Feel free to reserve a car rental as you will need one in the Florida region. If you attend events in the South Beach/Miami Beach area, Uber or Lyft are also viable options.


The big bands typically launch in the June time frame. The Global Carnivalist will post band launches as they come, but be on the look out for the best bands like Mascots International and Revel Nation.

Global Carnivalist endorses Mascots International and Revel Nation. If you’re looking for bands with great costumes and customer service, these are the bands for you. (The below section will be updated once information is released)

  • Party Room Squad is scheduled to launch their “Secret” theme on June 4
  • The Wassi Ones is scheduled to launch on June 7 
  • Generation X Miami is scheduled to launch their “Artistic Expressions” theme on June 10
  • Bacchanalists Mas is scheduled to launch on June 10 
  • Revel Nation is scheduled to launch their “Empire Rising” theme on June 11
  • Mascots International is schedule to launch their “Festivals” theme on June 17
  • Euphoria Mas is scheduled to launch their “Journey of the Phoenix” theme on June 24
  • Freaks Mas is scheduled to launch their “Mythos, Pandora’s Box” theme on July 2
  • OneIsland will launch their “Namaste” theme.


Miami has one of the best Caribbean party scenes in the States with some of the top Carnival promoters. Expect fetes from Viva La Carnival, IceBox Ent and Scorch this year. Check out our 2017 Miami Carnival fete list!


  • Accommodations: $250-$400usd a night depending on where you’re staying
  • Costumes: $300 – 700usd (backline – frontline)
  • Fetes: $25 – $550usd (depending on how many, let’s assume you party from Thursday to Monday)
  • Transportation: $18 – $30usd per day for a car rental depending on the location

Please feel free to comment below if there is something else you would like to know. Good luck with planning!

Yours in Mas

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