Fete List: Where to Fete for Crop Over 2017

Crop Over Time Frame: July 31  – August 10, 2017 

WOW! Bands launched, costumes were selected, sections are selling out. If you were ahead of the curve, then you already started requesting your tickets to the hot parties like Jalapeno Cruise, Limerz Cruise and Fyah D Wuk because I hear they’re near being SOLD OUT. This crop over fete list for 2017 has been HIGHLY ANTICIPATED by many. It’s finally here guys! Your consolidated Crop Over 2017 Fete List/Party Schedule. I will continue to update this list as event info is released so check back frequently. Ticket times, dates and how/where to purchase links for all the hot Crop Over 2017 fetes! 

Saturday – July 29

9PM – Tribe Ice ($35usd) – Purchase here

Sunday – July 30

10AM – UV Frames – The Finale ($100usd) – Purchase here

Caesar’s Army Bacchanal Road  –  Register here 

MONDAY – July 31

Mojito Monday Night Mas – Email Mojito4jouvert@gmail.com to secure your spot

3PM – Scorch Duck Work ($40usd) – Purchase here

9PM – Bucketfest ($25usd) – Purchase here 

TUESDAY – August 1

4PM – Panache ($100usd) – Purchase here

5PM – C’est La Vie Encore ($140usd) – Purchase here

3PM – Bare Ice Cooler Fete ($20usd) – Purchase here

11PM – Colorz Soca Cruise ($30usd) – Purchase here

WEDNESDAY – August 2

2PM – Fyah De Wuk ($45usd) –  Purchase here

9PM – Roast Stumbling ($87usd) – Purchase here

THURSDAY – August 3

4PM – Lush Cooler Experience ($45usd) – Purchase here

4PM – I Am Soca Cooler Cruise – Purchase here

6PM – Lifted – Elementz ($80BBD) – Purchase here 

9PM – Gimme Soca Thursday ($45usd) – Purchase here

11PM – Jabnival – Purchase here

FRIDAY – August 4

3AM – Black to Blue Barbados ($40usd) – Purchase here 

4AM – Mimosa Ultra Premium Breakfast Party ($120usd)  – Purchase here

10AM – Medz Crop Over 2017 ($40usd) –  Purchase here

11AM – Candy Coated Cruise Barbados ($110usd) – This Event is SOLD OUT

5PM – Roast Cruise (Combo Ticket – $180usd) – Purchase here 

SATURDAY – August 5

3AM – Caesar’s Army Ambush ($120usd) – Register here 

12PM – Scorch Cooler Cruise ($50usd) – Purchase here

3PM – Jin Forde High Tea ($112usd) – Purchase here

3PM – Bliss – SOLD OUT

6PM  – Elevate St.Tropez ($120/140BBD) – Purchase here 

SUNDAY – August 6

5AM – Scorch Breakfast Jam ($110usd) – Purchase here

1AM – Jalapeno Sunrise – This Event is SOLD OUT

11AM – Limerz Cruise ($150usd) – Purchase here

6PM – 1Love Experience Feat Machel Montano & Bunji Garlin ($80usd) – Purchase here

9PM – Soca Brainwash ($60usd) – Purchase here

MONDAY – August 7 

G R A N D    K A D O O M E N T 

4PM – Re Whine ($30usd)Purchase here 

TUESDAY – August 8

7AM – Suits Cooler Cruise ($55usd) – Purchase here 

11AM – Revive Barbados – Purchase here

12PM – Soca on De Water ($130usd) – Purchase here 

9PM – Recovery – Kadooment Kool Down ($85usd – $100usd)Purchase here 

Wednesday – August 9

9PM – BonVoyage – $40usd – Purchase here


Ambush BIM




Lifted Crop Over ElementzLush Cooler Party

Elevate St. Tropez

Yours in Mas

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