DC Hookie Carnival Weekend Jun 22-25, 2017

Washington DC’s carnival departed a few years ago and moved to Baltimore and things have not been the same since. If you’re familiar with the DMV area, not many people are willing to take that mini road trip out to Baltimore TO THEN drive back to DC. (THAT’S CANCELLED).

Our friends at Hookie Life  have THE CURE. The Hookie Carnival weekend kicks off with a free fete, Release Therapy on Thursday, June 22. On Carnival Friday, Hookie wows us with their annual pool party “duck work” type event  where not only people in the DMV play hookie from work, but several visitors from surrounding cities like Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Philly and Connecticut come into town.

Not only will there be amazing parties, but J’Ouvert and a carnival like event will also take place. Hookie will provide their patrons with a J’Ouvert on Saturday morning, where they can jam down low and get stink and dutty.

The entire weekend will come full circle with their new event, “Riddim and Road”. You’re allowed to wear a previous carnival’s costume or register for one and come join in the fun. Drinks, riddim and road will be provided.

So plan to stay a whole weekend when you come to town. Purchase all your tickets soon as they are moving very quickly!

June 22 – Release Therapy – Free Event

June 23 – Hookie Pool Party – Purchase tickets here

June 24 – Lion’s Pride J’Ouvert –  Purchase tickets here 

June 25 – Riddim and Road – Purchase tickets here 


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