Review: Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2017

I finally made it to Bermuda Heroes Weekend! First and foremost, Bermuda is by far one of the most gorgeous places I’ve visited, and I’ve been near and far, but that water OMG!

Anyhow, I’m here to tell you all how my weekend went. This review will be a combination of fete reviews and the road because Bermuda Heroes Weekend is more communal [all the bands and committees party together] than any other carnival I’ve attended before. In my opinion, Bermie is the perfect balance of feting and relaxation. I flew into the island on Friday early afternoon and headed to my hotel, Grotto Bay Resort.

Note: Watch this landing! See this water? 

Instead of heading to Wrecked as I had originally intended, I opted for drinks and beach time at my hotel because why not? It’s Bermuda!


The next day quickly approached as we headed out for Raft Up. I had no idea what to expect. I saw videos of years prior but in my mind, I’m like how lit can you really be when you’re set apart from other people. BOY WAS I WRONG. Hands down, this was my favorite event. At Raft Up, you could either come with your friends, each in a water floatie and enjoy the DJs who were on the barge OR come with your boat and anchor up with some other boats and drink up.


Our boat arrived, we turned up the music and immediately got the drinks out. We were smart enough to bring several entrees of food so we could stay fully hydrated and fed to partake in the day’s activities.


Raft Up concluded for us around 7pm. The whole day was just vibes! I hope the pictures are a good enough expression of how much fun we had because I truly don’t have the words. If  you ever decide to attend, bring the right people with you, learn how to swim and go with an open mind.

After Raft Up, we headed to Euphoria, which was a beach fete held by Party People BDA. Nutron, Shal Marshall, Alison Hinds and DJ Private Ryan performed for the crowd and kept the vibes going. There was a VIP area nearest the stage that gave us faster access to drinks, food and the crowd if we wanted to mingle.


Glow Bermuda was the next attended event. An all white, all-inclusive event?! YOU KNOW HOW MUCH WEST INDIANS LOVE TO WEAR WHITE AND UNLIMITED BOOZE? lol. We walked in, immediately greeted by finger foods and I walked to the Johnnie Walker bar. (because daiz meh ting). After eating some food and making sure our cups were filled (my cousin had two cups at a time smh) we headed to the dance floor.

Now the one thing I want to note is that Bermuda is technically not the Caribbean and so you can see bits of that by the way Bermudians dance to soca.

And now for the most important part. The Road! My whole crew and I played mas with Party People Entertainment.



Registration was a breeze. Like most bands are doing now, you log onto the website, enter your information, select the deposit or pay in full option and go on your merry way. The band leader, Keidric, was exceptional to work with and treated my crew and I like family that whole weekend. Thank you guys!!


Party People utilized all forms of media to keep connected with their masqueraders. They emailed, they posted on IG, updated their FaceBook page and responded to emails promptly.


Picking up my costume with Party People hands down was the LEAST chaotic it has ever been for me. I walked in, was greeted by some of the associates, they checked my receipt, got my items, verified my sizing, even offered me some juice or water and that was it. It literally took 15 minutes. On a short weekend, the last thing any of us wants to do is waste our time picking up costumes. Party People, allyuh win again!


The road is always where the magic happens. I already knew Party People was the vibesy band so I was prepared. Again, Shal Marshall and Tony X were our truck hosts. Ryan Sayeed, Private Ryan and Back 2 Basic were the truck DJS.


Carnivalista Fishnets pictured here

I don’t know what it was about the Bermuda sun but I was so tipsy (okay drunk) by the time we hit lunch stop that I’m sure I ate three plates of food lol. And my my the food was delicious. Hands down the best rest stop food i’ve had in awhile. I had the fried fish option and they were actually frying the fish right there. The rest stop was in a park near an actual restroom so we did not have to enter a portable potty (which i detest on carnival days)

If you’ve been considering trying out this small carnival — definitely go! I see big things for the growth of Bermuda Heroes Weekend and I cannot wait to go back. If you know you’re going in 2018, check out My Planning Guide here! 

Yours in Mas,


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