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This was my first time partying for an extended period in Washington, DC. I came right off the jumbo jet from Bermuda into a fete. I yet to sleep. Anyhow.. let’s get into it.

Hookie Life is a promotion group based in Washington, DC that decided to bring back some semblance of “carnival” to the DMV area since the carnival parade was moved to Baltimore.


The carnival weekend kicked off with a free event called Release Therapy. It was really the warm up to prepare patrons for Hookie’s Pool Party the next day. Release was very vibesy, more like a lime where you met up with old friends, said your hellos, picked up your jouvert package and got ready to duck work the next day.

And now let’s insert the Hookie Pool Party. Years past, Hookie was held at Capitol Skyline, a boutique hotel with a pool that the party eventually outgrew. For the second year in a row, Hookie was held at the RFK Stadium. Essentially, a pool like venue was created. Beach sand, pool slides, a blow up pool, faux grass (the VIP area), several cabanas and bars on either side with food trucks were on the surrounding borders.




A few artists stopped through, i was too busy wining and drinking to pay attention, but the fete was vibes!! Come through next year!


JOUVERT day reach! I am not the biggest fan of Jouvert but THIS jouvert?! Jouvert was LITTY!! Held at the RFK Stadium again, we walked in, they checked our wristbands (seamless process) and we walked in. We were allowed to walk with our own alcohol and so I did. (another drunk day once you let west indians carry their own booze)


Lion’s Pride Jouvert was BESS from start to finish. I don’t even know where that big crowd came from, but I had a time.


And now for Carnival day. The concept was Riddim and Road, where masqueraders were allowed to wear a costume from a previous carnival. Riddim and Road was held on an open track with a truck and a refreshments truck that served drinks to masqueraders. The best concept of this event was that you got the feel for the road without having to pay the high price of a costume. The crowd was not as big as I anticipated but I will say because it was the first time the event took place, it’s going to require time to grow. I had such a good time though playing mas intimately with a few carnival chasers I know. I see greatness for this event in the future.


Will you be at Hookie Carnival Weekend next year ?

Yours in Mas,

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