Band Launch: Paparazzi Carnival launches for Trinidad Carnival 2018

Here’s another band for Trinidad Carnival 2018. Paparazzi Carnival launched their Nomadik Nation theme tonight.  Registration information will be released soon. If you were waiting on bands to launch before you booked, here’s your time; Trinidad Carnival is rapidly approaching. 


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3 thoughts on “Band Launch: Paparazzi Carnival launches for Trinidad Carnival 2018

  1. Have to say thus far, their costumes are leading the way in my opinion. Awaiting Yuma’s and Fantasy/Entice’s presentations.

  2. Hi Global Carnivalist,
    I’m planning on going to Trini Carnival. Yes, I’m late on the schedule but I’m balancing between Paparazzi and Yuma.
    It’s seems that Yuma is a better group but the costumes price are lower for the costumes in Paparazzi (+ I like what they did this year).
    Do you think I should go for Yuma or Paparazzi?

    That’s my first Trini Carnival.

    Thank you,
    Mlle K

    1. I think you should go with Paparazzi in this case, if you’re planning late and don’t want to spend too much in such a short span of time, Paparazzi is the way to go. You’re going to have fun either way! Enjoy Trinidad Carnival

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