BAND LAUNCH: Tribe Carnival Launches for Trinidad Carnival 2018

By now I’m sure you know Tribe Carnival 2018 is one of the most anticipated bands during Trinidad Carnival’s band launch season, as they usually set the mood for carnival season and get veterans and newbies excited. Tribe is highly innovative and some how impresses us in some capacity during their band launch. I have been highly impressed with their costume launch teasers and their ability to soft launch their website during their live launch so that their overseas patrons can partake.

The theme for this season is “Once Upon a Dream”. The theme pays homage to Disney princesses and villains. Lush colors, garden sets and massive feathers, there is a lot to love from Tribe this season.

Tribe Carnival is a committee member registration band. In order to gain access, you must contact Tribe affiliates.


Which section is your favorite? Call your friend to ask their friend to help you get registered. Costumes will go quickly

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