BAND LAUNCH: Carnival Rogue Launches for Trinidad Carnival 2018

For the 2018 Carnival season, we have a new band on the block, Carnival Rogue. The brain child of Caesar’s Army and TRIBE, (and it’s subsidiaries) Carnival Rogue promises to give us an alternative concept to Mas as we know it.

What is the alternative you ask? Well a little birdie told me what we could expect from this new band.

  • Rogue will be a premium all inclusive band but please keep in mind there will be no theme. 
  • Carnival Rogue will also hit the road later than the traditional start time of other bands. The start time? We have no clue yet.
  • Carnival Rogue will briefly stop for lunch but it will be non stop pump. If you are a masquerader that likes to sleep in a little later, this will definitely work for you.
  • There will only be one male section called Rogue Roamers. Male roamers are free to join any female section in the band.
  • Rumor has it that Carnival Rogue may or may not cross the stage, but if they do, it will definitely be the Socadrome and not the traditional stage, as they are not competing.

Here is their 2018 presentation. Full site coming soon

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