Trinidad Carnival 2018: Band Reviews

Trinidad Carnival, better known as the greatest show on Earth, came and left with the quickness and as we begin plotting for 2019, as usual, I wanted to provide you with a carnival review, this time, from other people’s perspective. I have not been able to purchase a clone for myself yet so I was […]

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What You Should Know About Carnival Rogue

On November 4, Carnival Rogue, Caesar’s Army and Tribe LIT up New York City with their NEON themed boat ride. And LIT it was. From the moment you walked to the boarding dock, you saw a dimly lit but beautiful boat where we would fete away for the evening. Upon boarding, you were greeted by […]

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BAND LAUNCH: Carnival Rogue Launches for Trinidad Carnival 2018

For the 2018 Carnival season, we have a new band on the block, Carnival Rogue. The brain child of Caesar’s Army and TRIBE, (and it’s subsidiaries) Carnival Rogue promises to give us an alternative concept to Mas as we know it. What is the alternative you ask? Well a little birdie told me what we […]

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