What You Should Know About Carnival Rogue

On November 4, Carnival Rogue, Caesar’s Army and Tribe LIT up New York City with their NEON themed boat ride. And LIT it was. From the moment you walked to the boarding dock, you saw a dimly lit but beautiful boat where we would fete away for the evening.


Upon boarding, you were greeted by neon spray painted team members handing out neon illuminated bracelets, sunglasses, drink cups and head-pieces. If the Light Up The Rogue vessel is any indication of what Carnival Rogue will be like for Trinidad Carnival 2018, then you need to register as soon as possible.


By now, most of us have come to expect vibes from Caesar’s Army and seamless execution from Carnival Tribe. But with their new brain child, Carnival Rogue, there seems to be a lot of uncertainty from masqueraders.


“Are they a new band or a subsidiary of Tribe”?

“Is there lunch?”

“I heard there would be no alcohol”

“OMG but the band is starting too late”

Well lucky for you, Global Carnivalist got some insight from Leisel Douglas, Brand Specialist at Caesar’s Army. We asked, she answered.

How is Carnival Rogue different from other current bands?

The Carnival Rogue concept was born out of listening to masquerader concerns and from our own experiences. Rogue is different by starting later – a lot of masqueraders complained that they participated in J’ouvert and then had to rush to get ready for carnival Monday. With a later start time, Carnival Rogue will give their masqueraders, a chance to catch deyself. (Decompress and get ready for more pump)

Another difference will be the customer service – There will be no running back and forth for drinks if you’re not up to it because there will be Rogue runners passing out food and drinks to ease up the congestion at the drink/food truck. Of course if you feel like getting your own drink you can, but Carnival Rogue is trying to make everything easier for you.

AC9BE634-E784-420B-AA3C-4F4DBD1741C0A major concern for most interested parties was the rumor that Carnival Rogue would not serve lunch

Most bands stop for two or three hours depending on their size, Carnival Rogue’s lunch break will be take less time. The point will be to refuel, relax a bit and go back to the pump.

My response: Why spend two hours lounging when you could be wining?

What is Monday Night Mas about?

Carnival Rogue is bringing back the concept of Monday Night mas. Light Up The Rogue in New York was a teaser of what Monday Night mas would look like. The band will conclude at a private location where Monday Night Mas will take place.

7C4F9B6A-93F8-4E37-8A72-29A2926B80B0On Carnival Tuesday, after an EPIC day into night of Monday Mas, Rogue will assemble for another day of pretty-mas-Tuesday. But before masqueraders get on the road, there will be a “Bubbly” Breakfast Brunch from 9 AM. Tuesday will then conclude with Carnival Tribe and Bliss for a cool down.

The most exciting part Leisel mentioned was that even if you and your friends choose different costume sections, YOU CAN CROSS THE STAGE TOGETHER! This is major. Also, Rogue Men can be with their girlfriends or their friends and not have to worry about sticking to their sections only.

What does Carnival Rogue hope to give masqueraders?

The experience — great food, ambiance, a seamless experience, from registration to playing mas on the road. Leisel stated that their measure of success is for masqueraders to say at the end of the day on Tuesday,  “This was an amazing and fun experience, We have to do this again”.

What kind of masquerader would Carnival Rogue appeal to?

Carnival Rogue will appeal to the masquerader that simply loves carnival. It would also appeal to people who have never played mas before. It’s for the masquerader who doesn’t particularly like restrictions and who wants all their needs catered to. Mostly, it’s for anyone who wants to have fun, and be with their friends.

As stated on the Carnival Rogue website –  “We created this band to bring you, our ROMAN battalion, a change; an alternative.”

FullSizeRender 11

Carnival Rogue currently has frontline body wear available (for a limited time of course) so if you would like to upgrade your backline costume, now is the time to do so. Rogue NEON Monday wear will also be available for purchase. Imagine how bess that go look during Monday night mas? AND! There will be a four part Carnival Road Mix series to give you all a taste of being on the road with Carnival Rogue.

So in short, here is what’s different

  • Rogue Runners to hand out drinks/food while you pump
  • Less time lunchin’, more time pumpin’
  • Frontline Upgrades
  • Monday Night Mas
  • Later start, more sleep or less rushing time after jouvert
  • Experience and Bess Vibes

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to pump with the Romans for 2018.

Yours in Mas,

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  1. Thanks for this. I have been very confused what the big deal is about Rogue. I love the idea of people circulating with drinks instead of having to mob the truck. Any thoughts on why there are hardly any male costumes? Who are we going to wine with if there’s only one male costume?

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