FETE LIST: Where to Fete for Trinidad Carnival 2018

February 4 – February 16, 2018

It’s that time! Trinidad Carnival 2018 Fete List and Carnival Schedule!

Trinidad Carnival 2018 fete organizers have begun releasing tickets and we’ve prepared a full list for you of all the bess fetes, their ticket prices and where you can purchase tickets, please click “purchase here” to access the ticket pages. If the link is not there, the ticket is not yet available for purchasing. Events will be added as they become available.

*To Have your event added,  an affiliate referral link is required. Please email me at info@globalcarnivalist.com 

February 4, Sunday

2PM – Soca Raff Up – Purchase tickets here

5PM – Feting Tigers All Inclusive – Purchase tickets here

February 5, Monday

Machel Monday – Stay tuned

February 6, Tuesday

4PM – Vale Vibe Cooler Fete ($65usd) – Purchase tickets here

February 7, Wednesday

2PM – Scorch DDI 2018 – Stay tuned

4PM – Lime Carnival Fete –  Stay tuned

7PM – Shades Carnival Cooler ($50usd) – Purchase tickets here

February 8 Thursday

3AM – Caesar’s Army AM. Beach 2018 – To secure tickets, contact a committee member

2PM – Beach House  –  Stay tuned

3PM – Friends of Carnival ($30usd) – Purchase tickets here

2PM – C’est La Vie ($160usd) – Purchase tickets here

4PM – Tropical Luau – Purchase tickets here

5PM – Stranded by the Pool ($50usd) – Purchase tickets here

February 9, Friday

8AM – Silent Morning Boatride 2018 –  Stay tuned

9AM – Rise and Shine Yacht Party ($58usd) – Purchase tickets here 

11AM – Candy Coated Cruise 2018 – Invite Only or Committee Members

2PM – Phuket  ($130usd) – Purchase tickets here 

2PM – Scorch Duck Work – Stay tuned

6PM – Sail La Vie Boatride ($45usd) – Purchase tickets here

6PM – Shades in the City 2018 ($75usd) – Purchase tickets here

8PM – Rum and Music Cooler Cruise ($40usd) – Purchase tickets here

9PM – Illusions Melee – Stay tuned

10PM – Blue Range Cooler Fete  – Stay tuned

February 10, Saturday

3AM – Caesar’s Army AM Bush – Stay tuned

4AM – Endless Soca Jouvert – Purchase tickets here

7AM – SUITS Breakfast Cooler Cruise ($60usd) – Purchase here

9AM – Buenos Dias Cooler Cruise – Stay tuned

11AM –  Soca Brainwash, The Wonderland 2018 ($150usd) – THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT

2PM – Bare Carnival 2017 – Stay tuned

3PM – Flutes ($167usd) – Purchase tickets here

6PM – Wetta TT ($100usd) – Purchase tickets here 

7PM – SS Wassy Boatride ($35usd) – Purchase tickets here 

7PM – The Ultimate One All Inclusive ($134usd) – Purchase tickets here 

February 11, Sunday

4AM – Sunny Side Breakfast Party ($160usd)  – Purchase tickets here

5AM – Shades ($130usd) – Purchase tickets here

2PM – BessLime Carnival Island – Stay tuned

2PM – Beach House Cooler 2017 – Stay tuned

February 12, Carnival Monday

Jouvert Bands 

Still looking for Monday wear? Choose whose designs will adorn your body

February 13, Carnival Tuesday

February 14, Ash Wednesday

1PM – Candy Coated Wine Down [Tobago]  – Stay tuned

1PM – Au Revoir – Stay tuned

February 15, Thursday

12PM – Post Carnival Relief [Trinidad] ($80usd) – Purchase tickets here

February 16, Friday

6AM – Candy Coated Break [Tobago] – Stay Tuned


Yours in Mas,

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  1. I’m so mad at Private Ryan for using Ticketgateway ughhh..waiting hours on a website and then it crashes at check out.

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