Band Launch: Xaymaca International Launches for Jamaica Carnival 2018.

Global Carnivalist’s Band of The Year for Jamaica Carnival 2017, Xaymaca International, launched their LUXE 2018 collection this weekend.

LUXE IT IS! Do you see all this bling? Every single section has blingy details that will sparkle through the streets of Kingston come April 2018. Thirteen sections filled with several body wear options, with notable designers like Shawn Dhanraj, Sandra Hordatt, Sherise Stewart, Rhion Romany, and Keisha Als.

The prices are already available, they are consistent with other band price points and Xaymaca is known for having excellent customer service and execution. Check out my review from my experience this year.

The costumes looked even more amazing in person if you asked me. Here’s a clip from last night

And Here is the 2018 Presentation



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