Trinidad Carnival 2018: Band Reviews

Trinidad Carnival, better known as the greatest show on Earth, came and left with the quickness and as we begin plotting for 2019, as usual, I wanted to provide you with a carnival review, this time, from other people’s perspective. I have not been able to purchase a clone for myself yet so I was unable to be in Trinidad this year but these reviews are just as great.

*Trinidad Carnival 2018 pictures included are not pictures of the masqueraders and the stories enclosed*

Photography Credit: iDouglas Photography


Carnival Rouge was AWESOME and 🔥🔥LIT🔥🔥1000000%. The costume itself was of VERY High Quality. I always first check the arm and leg straps to see if they are sewn in, glued in, stabled in etc. Happily I saw that Rouge had taken their time and SEWN IN the Straps. They had male sizes for all men and the costume fit perfectly and was mostly in tact on the road. The Food and Drinks were also of high quality. For Both Monday and Tuesday Mas you had a choice and being that I seeing a salad included on the menu was a real plus. DJs were awesome and the vibes were Great. If present the opportunity, I will definitely Play Mas with Rouge again in the Future.


This was my first carnival and honestly the experience on the road was pure flames. The late start was perfect for me and I enjoyed the non-stop pump. People in the band were friendly and there to have FUN! Nonstop dancing and the security personnel were so kind. There were some issues with food distribution on Monday (one truck said they ran out of lunch but then during snack time they were giving out lunches again and the snack?) But Tuesday was fine. The options were good for both days. Drink trucks kept moving and the mobile bathrooms stayed orderly. The people working bar and bathroom areas were so nice. My costume held up through the day and there was a good mix of men and women. Men were fine AF. Lawd.

 Band:Yuma Vibe

I played with Yuma and wanted to cry from costume collection to the road. Usually, I do backline because I love to get on wild on the road but decided to play frontline for the first time. I made sure that my costume was paid off (even with excessive fees) before I arrived in Trinidad so that i could get fast track service, because last year was a disaster. After waiting outside for two hours, I was finally let in and they still had to verify my payment even though I printed two receipts as instructed. Also, let me say that distribution time was very inconvenient. 5-8PM on carnival Friday? No day fetes for me and I really wanted to go to Duck Work 🙄

anyway, so when I’m next in line they tell me that my costume isn’t ready and i need to have a seat. I see multiple other ladies in my section getting their costumes and walking out. So i go back up to the counter and they say they are having issues because my receipt didn’t state if i was backline or frontline. I played in the section Sin…a female only, FRONTLINE ONLY section. I was ready to snap and I had tears in my eyes and the other girls in my section are like whatttt?! It’s frontline only!!! I’m like exactly. So then they rush and get it together, and they are basically putting the package together on the spot. 🤦🏾‍♀️

The guy who was helping me was very nice though and seemed to be the only person who actually cared. So after 4 hours of what was supposed to be fast track service I left. Now my cousin who I convinced to play with Yuma also paid of her frontline costume in full, had a terrible pickup service. First of all, on the day of distribution they sent her an email saying her section was stuck in customs 🤦🏾‍♀️ she was supposed to pick up the day before me and ended up going the same day as me. So she gets there and her package isn’t together. Wrong bra size and wrong body chain set. They took a bra from someone else’s package (so someone else is screwed too). So we get home and do more inspections for our try-ons. Multiple stones were already falling off before she even put them on. My tiara had chains falling off, chains on the panty we’re tangled, and stones from the breast piece was falling off. It was literally being held together by safety pins.

I felt so insecure and just ugly. I paid upwards of $1400 USD or more for my frontline costume and payment fees for my costume to never even make it to the road? I have way more to complain about but this right here is already enough. I feel so guilty because i had my team play with Yuma with this bad experience, but they saw i had the shittiest experience and felt sorry for me. NEVER AGAIN WITH ME & YUMA! EVER! NEVER! Bad service, quality & vibes.

Photography Credit: iDouglas Photography

Band: Withheld 

I played in a backline section and had an allergic reaction to the materials that they used to create the costume. This costume was clearly not created for sensitive skin. Over $950usd spent just to have a rash after feting. SMDH. Just as a warning for people, not all materials used to create costumes are hypoallergenic.

Band: Tribe

I played with TRIBE. The costumes were beautiful but not practical for the road. The wings of some of the costumes almost dug out people’s eyes as they went by. I suffered injuries from my own costume. The vibes were great though. Drinks were flowing and music was pumping. Also I have an observation. I have heard about colorism in trinidad in general and especially around carnival time. During this year’s carnival, I personally witnessed several TJJ photographers hand pick mostly red skin women for pictures. Some of them looked amazing and some didn’t. I watched them pass over beautiful melanin goddesses, that had AWESOME bodies for redskin or white women that were shaped like potatoes or ironing boards (no body shaming, just making a point). I was disappointed. 4th time playing and I never paid attention to TJJ and their ways before smh.


Rogue was bess! This was my first time playing mas and they surpassed my expectations. They did a really good job with the guys costume (simple but very well done), food and drinks were easy to get and overflowing and it was just a scene on the road (they had to pause because one girl started wining and flinging it up on a pole connected to electrical wires). And it was good that they started later, especially Monday after jouvert. Only thing that was shit was costume distribution. They had distribution on 2 days at very inconvenient times since fetes were going on. I had to go back twice – Thursday I didn’t get there till 1 (even though it was supposed to have started at 12) and they still weren’t ready – I had to leave since I had to trek to beachhouse in chagaramas. Friday I went back and had to wait for an hour. But overall positives outweigh that painpoint. Also Monday night mas and the fete on the socadrome stage was bess!

Photography Credit: Damian Luk Pat

Band: Yuma Vibe

Yuma = Stormer International. And the extraction team just stared as the people boldly grabbed drinks. It upset me. Costume pickup was slow as expected but pretty efficient for the most part. Lunch on Tuesday was good, decent choices. And it was at a good hour unlike Monday which was a messsss. Monday we didn’t get “lunch” until around 5

Band: Tribe 

This was my first time playing with Tribe, last year I played with Bliss. Costume pickup was great. Quick and easy. My costume fit perfectly and there were no jewels missing, compared to my intricate costume last year this was a dream come true lol. Monday mas had good vibes and endless drinks. I liked that it wasn’t too hard to get a drink, bartenders were quick to serve and the drinks were strong. Since I played with Bliss last year I thought some of the same amenities would carry over. I was surprised when lunch came and there were less food options and porta potties instead of trailers. A big band like Tribe, you can imagine how stink they got within minutes. Also there was no cool down area and only one makeup lady doing touch ups. Tuesday mas was not as exciting as I expected it to be. Felt like all the DJ trucks had the same songs on repeat and this year had such good soca too! A few stormers around the avenue but security was on point with them. I noticed the comment about colorism and photographers. Do I think it exists, yes. Is it exclusive to Tribe, no. Last year I saw it more with Bliss photographers but I’ll digress and save my in-depth comments for a different day lol.

Band: Yuma Vibe

Road was bess vibes but damn no food truck!!? I’m probably spoiled from
Miami Carnival with a food truck and snack runners. But there was none of that on the road!! Lunch wasn’t until after we crossed the stage about 330-4pm and we had to chip to the rest stop which was ways away!! Vibes and drinks were amazing. Just wish someone fed me in between the 7am breakfast and 4 o’clock “lunch” 😭😭😭😭

Photography Credit: iDouglas Photography

Band: Yuma Vibe

*its a little long eh* My okish carnival review… So initially I wanted to play with Bliss because well Tribe = Vibes! But the costume I loved was sold out so I decided to play with Yuma instead because I also liked their costumes! Anywho, so I ordered both mine & my sister’s costumes from quite October. Thinking everything in place & we good I didn’t follow up because I mean they took their money out of my account so, I good. A few days before I actually arrived to Trinidad & my mind finally settle down I realize “oh shit! I never received a confirmation for my order or pickup information. Nothing” I immediately start to panic! 😰

Tried to log into my Yuma account, no order information. Emailed them, no response. However, my sister had order information in her account. So at least one of us would be able to play mas. Double checked my account to verify they did in fact take the money, which they did (had to print bank statements & all to carry with me). Reach Trinidad. Luckily a family member of mine is real good friends with a lot of Yuma’s committee members. Told him the situation & he made a few calls. Went to the mas camp, come to find out.: The payment registered in their system but not the actual order so they had to rush to put together a package for me. Thankfully I was able to get the actual costume I ordered & all the necessary pieces 🙌🏾!

My sister & I ordered the same costume but they gave her the wrong size & I got the size I ordered. I’m a little smaller than her so we were able to switch & it worked out, small ting. We good! *Ordered Monday wear from Marie Collette, her customer service was phenomenal, her presentation, everything was great! ❤️ We on d road now! Monday was a struggle. Vibes was okish. We played jouvert that morning so as tired as we were, we’re still expecting high vibes on the road. Definitely not what we expected! I don’t know if everyone was more tired than us but it was a drag. Stormers GALORE which was quite annoying😤!!! The drink situation was manageable once you didn’t try to get your drink right before or after they turned a corner, which is normal. Food was good at the rest stop. Went to get a massage and had to proper cuss the female masseuse because she let a friend walk up and go ahead of the line which she even admitted to. Tuesday we met the band at the socadrome about an hour prior to crossing the stage. Crossing the stage was everything it should have been. Nuff vibes! Had a blast! The highlight of both Monday & Tuesday! However, after we cross, we had to chip on our own to make it to the rest stop which was quite a ways away when you don’t even have music to carry you through! Food was good again.

We back on d road & having to maneuver through stormers to find proper wining space! The extraction team was horrible! They were too busy trying to wine up too. 😒 listen, I have no problem with that inno, but if you have a job to do make sure you doing your job as well as enjoying yourself so masqueraders can enjoy themselves too because that’s what you getting paid for!! A friend I made on the road had some complications & needed to take a break so she tried to get on the rest truck, the attendant claim it was too full but soon after let 2 girls she apparently knew on the truck. I got her some water, my girl found her crew, sucked it up & continued to play her mas! Thank God she ain’t fall down because that would’ve been a scene!!! All in all my Yuma experience was decent..

Band: Tribe 

Talk about how at Tribe Ignite and Tribe were putting Elite Reserve shit scotch in your cup instead of Johnnie and telling you it’s Johnnie. But other than that, I got real lucky with costume Pickup, and everything else was on point.I got my costume in literally in 10 minutes. The music on the road was good. Although I always ended up by the Scorch truck which had Kevin Crown and Young Chow always yelling on the mic, which I can’t stand. Also, King Taj from Jamaica played a set at Scorch duck work… killed it and came with Pace while everyone else was playing R&B soca. The People’s Road March was Top Striker, and everyone felt like Hulk!

Photography Credit: David Fraser Photography

Band: ROGUE 

It was AMAZING. My first carnival ever and it was everything and more. Costume pick up was quite annoying because there were two separate rooms which caused people to get skipped on the line. Also, there was supposed to be a committee member giving out tickets at the door and at one point he/she must’ve stepped away and people didn’t have a number. The second day I was a little upset because all of the full meals ran out (chicken and rice). That was the only negative thing I have to say. Rogue is lit. Rogue is lit. Rogue is lit. Rogue had pure vibes and I will certainly jump with rogue next year. This was my first carnival and I had the time of my life. The committee and staff were so accommodating. The masqueraders were FUN! I never felt like people were boring. We danced and laughed for two days straight. I am happy I went with Rogue. Crossing the stage was madness!!!! We completely showed out and I loved every single second of it! See ya on the rogue next year!!!!

Band: ROGUE 

Best mas experience of my life. Collection was seamless for us. We were in and out in 10 minutes. Given all info we needed, the rogue bag was gorgeous. The late start was clutch for us, made it so much easier to get on the road Tuesday, too. Monday we crossed Savannah stage and then went to Socadrome for Monday night mas and crossed there too. Snacks were delicious (we missed lunch on Monday because we enjoyed j’ouvert a little too much). I literally never waited once to get a drink, someone was always waiting to serve you. Lunch was around 4pm on Tuesday after we crossed the stage. We stopped for a bit to eat then got back on the road. It was vibes the ENTIRE TIME. Security was amazing and costumes looked so good. My top three points personally: the perfect amount of people (not too big, not too small), perfect mix of men and women, and the MUSIC WAS ON POINT. Played with tribe last year, too many people and heard the same 10 songs all day from every truck. Rogue was perfect.

Photography Credit: Damian Luk Pat

Band: ROGUE 

Distribution needs work. But the road experience was amazing. The meals on wheels was a great idea. On carnival Tuesday, we did stop for about 45 minutes for people to eat. Food was delicious and snacks were available through out the day. The costumes looked beautiful on the road. The DJs were on point. Played Fantasy last year. Rogue’s road experience was 100% better.

Band: Fantasy Carnival 

This was my first Trinidad Carnival Experience and it was with Fantasy! They could engage masqueraders better on social media leading up to the road. Collection was seamless, costumes well made and beautiful and drinks were flowing both days. The rest stop at QPO was great and the food was okay. However, I wish band promotions would reflect the majority of chocolate beauties that support these bands. Side note, thanks for recommending Shades party. That was the best event of the week


Band: Tribe

My second time playing with Tribe. I stuck with them for guaranteed vibes and good service but this year they had me waiting FIVE HOURS for paid in full costume on my designated day. Collection was a mess this year and the staff had the nerve to be rude/impatient after people waited so long to get inside. The road was pure vibes, every truck had good music especially the Scorch truck and truck 6. Food was good on both days, plenty snacks etc. Security is tight also. The band can definitely feel crowded at times, so newbies may feel overwhelmed and the quality of private sections may be different to the ones produced by Tribe so keep that in mind.

Band: Yuma Vibe 

It took four hours to pick up costumes with Yuma and for that reason, I won’t be doing that ever again. Also, I had to make them switch out my costume and accessories FOUR times before signing off and realized once I tried it on, it was still wrong. Very cheaply made. Never again. Also Yuma doesn’t cross the Savannah, had I known that, I would not have went with them lol.

The songs that were played the most: 

  • Machel Montano and Super Blue – Soca Kingdom [2018 Road March Title Winner]
  • Iwer George – Savannah
  • Lil Natty and Thunda – Top Striker [The People’s Road March]
  • Voice – Year of Love
  • Kes – Hello
  • Blaxx – Hulk
  • Shal Marshall – Splinters

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20 thoughts on “Trinidad Carnival 2018: Band Reviews

  1. I played with Yuma and I want to pelt my phone everytime I think about my costume collection experience. First of all, distribution was on Friday at 5 pm so I couldn’t attend a day fetes. Secondly, I waited 3 hours only to be told that my costume wasn’t ready. Then when I finally got my costume delivered to me the next damn day, I was missing several pieces. I got my stuff over a period of three days! Unfortunately, the stones on my headpiece had fallen of by the time it reached me and I never received my bodychain so I looked distinctively different from the rest of the band. Now admittedly, I am a glutton for punishment as I played with Yuma last year and had a similar costume experience and did not receive my costume until 6 am carnival Tuesday😫. The thing is that most of my crew plays with Yuma and what is carnival without your crew? Next year, if I attend, I need to do some serious consideration about playing with Yuma. Also, I have a desire to actually cross the Savannah and Yuma doesn’t do that.

    1. Girl!!! If YOU think you are a glutton for punishment! I’ve been playing for them for FIVE years and the only good year was 2016. Each year has been worse than the previous. Last year I got my costume at the last hour Monday night and had to go get it after being promised it would be delivered. This year, same thing that happened to you, I also experienced. I had to go back to the mas camp a total of THREE days! BOTH days I stormed fantasy bc everyone in my crew now REFUSES to play with Yuma. I’ve had enough. Next year I am moving to Fantasy! Vibes were immaculate! Took my friends all of 15 minutes for costume pickup AND they have las lap fete both days which were AMAZING. Make the move lol.

  2. To the girl who mentioned TriniJungleJuice colorism/racism. I agree 1000%, these fellas are the worst. Especially the starving looking one with the blonde hair. I’ve noticed this going back a couple carnivals. These dudes would skip past every brown girl in the fete or on the road to get to the one or two white or “exotic” girl to take a picture of. Its so obvious and disgusting. I’m a dude, i love all women, all shades, but I especially love my chocolate sistas, but if you check out the TJJ website, all their fete pics are of the same “type” of women, really light or white. And they are at fetes where 80% of the girls there are brown skin girls. I was at SocaBrainwash and that same fella zipped past me to get to some plain jane white gyal with no ass, stiff wine hiding behind a tent. The hell with them dudes and their racial issues. I don’t frequent their website no more and more people need to call them out on their shit.

    1. I was the one that posted about the colorism I witnessed by TJJ. It was sickening. I watched them push by darker women to take pictures of ironing board shaped red women. I went to check their website carnival Monday just to make sure. Their pics on their sites confirmed my theory smh

  3. The first time playing mas with Tribe, not the first time playing mas. I guess my expectations for Tribe’s “premium” road experience was way too high. First, the goody bag was lacking. You mean to tell me we’re paying upwards of 800 USD for a costume and all you can muster up is a cereal bar & beach towel?! My Monday goody bag outshined! Let’s start with bartenders serving Scotch when you asked for Johnnie. Second, ppl were super aggressive and rude and just pushing you out the way. Listen there’s a difference between guiding someone out the way even in the chaos of a band and down right just shoving someone like you want to fight them. I was surprised by this considering that I’ve played in “less premium bands” and the behavior wasn’t like that at all.
    Let’s talk rest stop- I expected to see a massage station, make up touch ups (only 1 person working)- nothing of the sort. Same food on both days. Apparently there was no rest truck on the road except on Tuesday when we hit St James. To me that is crazy after seeing their personnel falling out on Monday and ladies who had to see a medic. Also they played men with those sorry board shorts.
    Most importantly let’s gets into the BLATANT colorism on the road. I knew Trinidad always had their issues but it was pathetic watching Tribe’s roving photographers and other media outlets flock to only light skin / white women I’ve see tons of photographers bypass beautiful brown beauties. Heading into St. James area I saw a woman ask and a photo guy looked and kept it moving. Whether you’re playing in a private section or not I thought the level of premium service should’ve shined overall. Overall the vibes were good by trucks 4 & 5. But when a band prides themselves on service and experience I don’t know whether the vibes were enough to make me feel like wow this is money well spent.
    Tribe- I thought you were premium, with the best service but it was nothing of the sort.

    1. It’s not only TJJ. The Costume Designers are reposting pictures of women from their sections and if they post a dark women it’s only because she’s in a group pic with her light skinned an Indian friends. Or it will be one random photo in a sea of pictures of light women. If I went by their photos of the girls in their section you’d think there were hardly any dark skinned women there. When are they going to stop this nonsense?

      1. Fantasy makes me crazy with their colorism. Almost all of their advertising uses white models. It doesn’t even make good business sense. Most of the people buying these costumes have dark skin. Why wouldn’t you use models that make it easier for your customers to understand what your product will look like on them? And of course acting like the people who keep your business afloat aren’t good enough to represent it is just insulting. The only redeeming thing I can point out is a decent portion of the masqueraders Fantasy featured on Instagram do have dark skin.

      2. I have to agree. I was forewarned but I still didn’t expect for the colorism to be so blatant. Majority of the attendees are dark, myself included. I was literally with my friend the entire time…yet I’ve seen several pictures of her and I’ve been magically cropped out or they never included me in the picture at all. SMH

    2. I played with Tribe, and I agree with you on the bar service and asking for Johnnie. I noticed that they did the bait and switch a lot with that. I can understand at the end of the day, things run down, but tell people that they are out. Also, they tried that 1st drink with me on Tuesday. I tossed it away. As a Johnnie drinker you know the difference.

      But in regards to the photos, I can’t comment on what TJJ was doing , but I myself was out there taking pictures. Now me as a photographer, I am always looking for what is a good picture, I don’t discriminate at all. Matter of fact, I much rather capture you in the middle of you doing something then have you pose. I capture the moment. With that being said, all my pictures from Tribe are posted on FB as well as some on Instagram. Look up Trinbajanphotography

  4. I played with Tribe for the first time this year and when I say VIBESSSS I mean vibes. However, i was a little bit disappointed with a few things. Costume distribution was advertised for most days at 5pm yet some people were there from 1/2pm getting theirs. Not a broad spectrum of time. I did get there early, but still did have to wait about 2 hours.

    Carnival Monday was straight vibes. Especially after rest time (which was entirely toooo long). We sat around for about 3-4 hours while my legs fell asleep woke up, then fell asleep all over again. The drinks were flowing and we had no issues.

    Carnival Tuesday I woke up and realized although my costume had all pieces there were NO strings to tie everything. I had to cut up a bikini of mine to improvise. Being that I was in this exclusive All girls front line “hot body gyal” section I was disappointed. Aside from strings, my wire was way too big for me. Being a busty girl with 36D breast’s bra seemed as if it was for a girl with DD. It just didn’t work for me (and I HAVE played with wire bras before) While on the road I noticed that all the other girls with smaller chest had no issues.

    Although Tuesday was vibes I realized that the bartenders were being very picky with who they wanted to serve and the female bartenders were overlooking females to cater to the males.

    Overall Monday wassss way better than Tuesday but both days Security was ON point.
    Tuesday. The trucks continuously stopped, then continuously played the same songs in rotation with no variations.

    Also, colorism is a thing in Trinidad. It’s like us black girls doh look good, which we really truly do. No shade!

    All in all. I will be playing with Tribe next year but possibly with a different section.

  5. Hi GC, I played with Showtime which is a smaller band. They have been on the road for about 10 years. It was my first year playing in TnT but my boyfriend has played with them in the past. The costume distribution was just plain awful. My section got postponed twice and I didn’t get the frontline back piece I paid for. They said they only got the decorations for my section the week of. My BF said when he played before he had no issues and the other masqueraders said it was the first year they had this problem.

    Monday on the road started off a bit shakey, lunch distribution was not organized and ppl were still kind of in a sour mood because of the costume issues. The bar truck was good and the music was great so once we got fed the vibes were great. Security didn’t have the ropes going but it wasn’t really necessary as there were not many ppl out on the road anyway. Tuesday morning things were much better. Breakfast was ready as we arrived and we got moving in good time.

    The food, snack and drinks were coming all day and the weewee truck was in good order. Security had one rope that they used more to make sure the truck could turn, not really to keep people out. I didn’t mind the few stormers here and there during the day but after the sun went down there were too many. We had a great time on the road and considering that backline costumes for this band were 1500$ TTD we definitely got our money’s worth.

    1. I played with Paparazzi carnival and It was really good.
      1. Distribution was a breeze. The camp opened it’s doors at exactly 5:30 pm and i like having two days to choose from to pick up my costume. Waiting in line to pickup we are offered water, stag or soft drinks. One point for them there. There was a little hiccup with my belt and the lady was very apologetic and the issue resolved within minutes. Total pickup time less than 30 minutes.

      2. On the road experience was very good. Paparazzi always left on time. If they said they leaving at 07:30am bet your bottom that the band left at that time.

      3. Drinks: They had bar staff roaming the crowd topping up drinks in addition to the drink trucks, ensuring that everyone was ok. Before crossing stage on both days the truck ran out of ice but i guess this was the mini drink truck until we met up with the actual drink truck.

      4. Music was great.

      5.Security, bouncers and vehicle management did they job to the utmost. Security wasn’t playing around, no hand band and you were out. One of the bar staff offered to help my crew put on our wings.

      6. The Meals on wheel food truck was very nice. There was Aloo pie, hot doubles, roti, pies, bake and salt fish was all delicious.

      The only bad comment would be the rest stop food. Paparazzi can do a lot better than what was offered. I didn’t eat the Tuesday food because after a couple of bites it was a little tasteless and was giving me heartburn. They could offer the vegetarians fish rather than offering them the same food without chicken. I want to see them offer more things like lollies, snow cones. They did off sugar cane and fruits in cups but i would have like more snacks to combat the heat.
      Overall, 8 out 10.

  6. Yuma band was good ppl complain about food walk with money . if the costume giving u rash donot play mas on the hold .my first year with yuma and it was wonderful

  7. I played with Fantasy (Iansa SUPER Frontline).

    Collection for Super Frontline was ok. There were no lines, the staff was friendly for the most part and they offered us a private pickup location with a nice little spread of refreshments.

    However, our upper leg pieces were not ready. We were told they’d be delivered to our Airbnb on a certain day…they weren’t. We did eventually get them before Tuesday mas.

    In my opinion, for the money I spent on Super Frontline, the “goodie bag” could have been much better. There were multiple advertisements included…along with items like 1 tampon, 1 panty liner and 1 pad. The bag also include a pony size bottle of wine, yogurts, energy pills and a few other random items that seemed pretty pointless. Like really??? Who is eating yogurt…knowing they’ll be walking for hours in the heat. Not a good choice in my opinion.

    I lost 6 gems just taking my costume to the car from the pickup location. There were huge goods of dried glue on the costume where the gems should have been. The feathers on my backpack were matted and glued in such a way that it looked like a toddler’s arts and crafts project. I literally had to pull out my own glue gun and add my own feathers to salvage my costume. It was poorly made and I’m so disappointed, considering how much it cost. I will say this, from a distance you cannot tell that the costume is flawed or missing anything. So that there is a good thing.

    We had lunch in the Oval which btw they ran out of lunch at certain stations…after asking ahead of time which meal would we want. If you took a head count, how is it that you run out of food?

    As if the costume falling apart wasn’t enough, the photographers are horrible!!! They literally handpick all of the girls with fair or light complexions, pull them to the front and take plenty photos and only post them. This is maddening because I too paid my money and I’d like to see at least one photo of myself. Granted I took photos on my own, I wanted the full experience. I cannot believe how many photos are posted of the EXACT SAME GIRLS!!! That is beyond me. I met several women that played with Rogue and raved about their experience. These women were mostly dark skin women like myself. I will be looking into Rogue for 2019.

    Fantasy, Trini Jungle Juice and Trinidad Carnival Diary all need to do better.

    Even with me having those complaints, I enjoyed the vibes while we were out on the road. Not so much the drink trucks because they were turning us away at times…makes no sense when the drink were supposed to be endless but I digress. There are too many small things that could have been avoided or better planned but overall I enjoyed my carnival experience and I cannot wait to return.

    Will I play with Fantasy again or recommend them to a friend? Hmmm…probably not. To each his own but that is just too much money to spend on subpar service. The band members, their vibes and friendliness are the only things that salvaged that experience for me.

  8. I’m curious as a first timer… how much do the costume deposits run? Specifically looking at Rogue… I’m doing my pricing. I was initially going to do a concierge but I think I’m taking things in my own hands. Any insight would be outstanding. Thanks!!!! Mommyvibes16 (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. Hi Mimi, costume deposits are dependent on the band and if you choose a frontline or backline costume. A backline deposit on average is $250usd, and frontline can cost $500usd. Hope this helps.

  9. Hi interesting in playing in band Rogue how to I go about selecting costumes and pricing we are in Canada and New York read the reviews and I like pls send me some info and pics of costuumes

    1. is their website. Thus far, they only have up the male costume and pics of their frontline costumes. Prices and further pics should be up soon though.

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