FETE LIST: Where to Party for Jamaica Carnival 2018

March 31 – April 9, 2018

It’s that time! Jamaica Carnival 2018 Fete List and Carnival Schedule!

The highly anticipated Jamaica Carnival fete list is FINALLY here. The interest to attend Jamaica Carnival 2018 has been the highest I’ve seen.  Fete organizers have begun releasing tickets and we’ve prepared a full list for you of all the best fetes, their ticket prices and where you can purchase tickets, please click “purchase here” to access the ticket pages. If the link is not there, the ticket is not yet available for purchasing. Events will be added as they become available.


Saturday | March 31, 2018

5AM – Frenchmen Party – Rise Up – Request tickets here

6AM – Day Break Breakfast Party ($35usd)- Purchase tickets here 

2PM – Bacchanal Jamaica Beach Jouvert – Purchase tickets here

Sunday | April 1, 2018

12PM – Marbana ($115usd) – Purchase tickets here 

2PM – Feterans Beach Cooler Fete ($45usd) – Purchase tickets here 

2PM – Caesars Army Bacchanal Road ($50usd) – Purchase tickets here 

Monday | April 2, 2018

5PM – Dusk Soca Music Festival ($50usd) – Purchase tickets here 

Tuesday | April 3, 2018

12PM – Bare Soca, Soca Wet Fete – Purchase tickets here 

6PM – Soca by Di Tree – Purchase tickets here

Wednesday | April 4, 2018

8PM – I Love Soca Jamaica ($30usd) – Purchase tickets here 

Thursday | April 5, 2018

4AM – JamNation Breakfast Cooler Beach Party – Purchase tickets here 

10AM – Silent Morning Jamaica ($43usd) – Purchase tickets here 

12PM – Candy Coated Wine Up ($100usd) – Purchase tickets here 

4PM – Afloat Soca Cruise ($90usd) – This Event is SOLD OUT

4PM – Chill & HyBrid Events Present Big Phat Chill ($30usd)  – Purchase tickets here 

9PM – Frenchmen Blocko Street Party – Request tickets here 

9PM – Tribe Thursday  ($65usd)  – Purchase tickets here 

Friday | April 6, 2018

1230AM – Suave – Silent Soca After Party – Purchase tickets here 

2AM – Roast Mi Gras Jamaica ($50/55usd) – Purchase tickets here 

5AM – Illusions Black 2 Blue Jamaica ($45usd) – Purchase tickets here 

8AM – Medz All Inclusive Boatride  ($100usd) – This Event is SOLD OUT

9AM – Hookie Life Jamaica Breakfast Party ($50usd) – Purchase tickets here 

11AM – Medz Dockside Jam ($30usd) – Purchase tickets here

11AM – Candy Coated Cruise – This Event is SOLD OUT

1PM – Soca Brainwash Jamrock ($100usd) – Purchase tickets here

5PM – Scorch Duck Work ($60usd) – Purchase tickets here

10PM – Bacchanal Jouvert [Jouvert]- Purchase tickets here

Saturday | April 7, 2018

12AM – Soaka Street Festival [Jouvert] ($45usd) – Purchase tickets here

3AM – Caesar’s Army AMBUSH JA [Jouvert]-  Register here

5AM – Sunrise Breakfast Party ($160usd) – Purchase tickets here

2PM – Fling Cooler Pool Party ($40usd early bird) – Purchase tickets here 

4PM – Suits Cooler Cruise –  This Event is SOLD OUT

4PM – Sunkissed All-Inclusive – This Event is SOLD OUT

8PM – Pre Mas (PM) Fete ($50usd) – Request tickets from Global Carnivalist here

9PM – Frenchmen Bazodee  – Request tickets here 

Sunday| April 8, 2018

9AM – 8PM – Road March

2PM – Big Wall – Purchase tickets here 

12PM –  Heineken Rio – Purchase tickets here 

7PM – Xodus/Smirnoff Wine Down –  Free for Carnival Revellers before 7:30PM

7PM – Bacchanal Jamaica Final Fete – Free for Carnival Revellers. $2000JMD at the gate

Monday | April 9, 2018

12PM – Xaymaca Cool Down Lyme – Free for Xaymaca Masqueraders ($25 @ the Gate )

3PM – BFD Departures ($15 for Revellers, $30 for Regular Feters)  – Purchase tickets here 







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