Can you believe 2017 is coming to a close? I remember just starting the year and looking forward to all the carnivals ahead and now, they’re all over. But that’s why 2018 is coming, to start us anew.

Like last year, I’d like to take a look back, and with no preference, but all equally loved,  my favorite carnival costumes for 2017. Feel free to tell me yours in the comments.

Let’s start with my love, Trinidad Carnival.

Tundra Tribe Carnival 2017

I am so happy I got to wear this gorgeous costume for Trinidad Carnival 2017. Designed by Sandra Hordatt, we shimmered in this section, Tundra with Carnival Tribe.

Scheherazada Fantasy Carnival 2017

Fantasy Carnival slayed us with this gem designed by Richard Anthony. Scheherazada looked like Arabic royalty and was delightful to see at band launch.


YUMA Inti Keisha Als Frontline

Obviously, the pinks, reds and oranges had my heart this year but please look at Inti for Yuma Vibe 2017. Designed by Keisha Als, I was wowed by this piece, and was slightly salty I didn’t get to wear it. I need to be in two costume gang!

Dominica Carnival

Hysteria Mas Dominica Carnival 2017 Soca

Is it me? or were there a lot of orange costumes this year? This was another fave of mine. Presented by Hysteria Mas during Dominica Carnival

Next up, Jamaica Carnival


Jamaica Carnival blossomed this year with the launching of two new bands. And when you’re new, you have to prove to the world, that you deserve your spot. Xaymaca did just that. Designed by Sandra Hordatt, this body wear, gems and color combination was a beauty. I got to experience the Xaymaca effect this year too. 


I absolutely adored this section by Xaymaca as well. Designed by Shawn Dhanraj, the white with pops of color is exactly what the Xaymaca angels needed.


I cannot forget how much I loved Xodus’ Gold Digger section. BLING and feathers!


St Lucia Carnival


This costume was extremely daring and unusual for what we’d normally see on the road and I believe this why I liked it. Presented by Dynasty Carnival, Team Asari for St. Lucia Carnival 2017.

Crop Over

I  have a two favorites for Crop Over.

Erup the Band 2017

I believe, Erup the Band had the best looking costumes for Crop Over this year. Do you see how amazing and vibrant this is? I could not choose between this costume and the one below and I’m really disappointed in myself for not choosing either.

Erup the Band 2017

A truly gorgeous costume, with perfect colors, hues and feather selection! Go with your gut when you love a costume.

Miami Carnival


And so we close with my absolute fave, another that I got to wear, from Miami Carnival. Presented by Revel Nation Carnival. Not only is this band amazing but their costume quality is ALWAYS A1.

I am looking forward to seeing all that 2018 has to offer.

Yours in mas,

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