Carnival Love Stories. Part 1

During the holiday season, I wanted to highlight the couples that found each either during carnival, a time filled with unlimited Johnnie Walker, wuk up and freedom. There is a stigma around carnival, that most people either cheat on their partners at home while there OR it’s just a big party of wildness, but from the stories below, we know love can bloom too. Here are their love stories

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Photography Credit: LehWeGo

Couple A

Where they met: Labor Day Weekend, 2015 

How did you meet?

We met in 2015 over labor day weekend. I first encountered him at Tribe Ice (Queens). He was standing a few paces in front of me, dancing with someone and all I saw was the waistline movement. I remember turning to my friend, and saying “I have to get this one…watch waist” LOL. So when the coast was clear, I went up behind him, and started moving in time with him. Stayed that way until the next song came on, we switched, and he took the lead. Couple more wines during the night, but no exchange of information. The second encounter was the next event, Sunny Side (Brooklyn children’s museum rooftop), and I saw him dancing in the sprinklers…by himself, and I saw that waistline again (creep things I know).  We eventually exchanged information when I saw him again for the third time at Sunny side.  He asked for my Facebook info , and I gladly gave it up.

After the labor day weekend festivities concluded, we stayed in constant communication via Facebook chat. After about 2 weeks chatting via FB, he expressed our communication being easier via phone, so he sent his number. From there we texted every single day. We had a system of sending random facts about ourselves to each other throughout the day…randomly.  He invited me to go out to dinner with him for his birthday which was about a month and a half away, however I kept giving him excuses. I actually wasn’t interested because I knew of him being a feter, and always in someone’s fete or carnival.

What made you decide to be in a relationship ?

Although I loved to fete, I wasn’t on the scene the way he was, and had no desire to be in the spotlight by being associated with him. His birthday came and went, and still no dinner plans were made. Finally in January of 2016, I agreed to go to dinner with him. And we had the best time! He was the perfect gentleman. That week we went out 3 more times, and became inseparable there after.

March 2016, he messaged me saying “I make him want to slow down on his feteing, and spend more time with me.” We spoke more about it, and made it official. I decided to give him a chance because he showed me that he was about me. When I’m in crisis he drops everything for me. Recently I had a scare with my grandma, and he dropped what he was doing (bowling tournament miles away), and drove like a bat out of hell to rescue my panicked, and crying self in my car. He’s truly a class act, in a good way.

Couple B

Where they met: Caribana, 2013 

How did you meet?

We met at a soca party in Toronto. Actually, his friend tried to dance with me and while turning down the dance, my soon to be bae ended up making fun of his friend and we exchanged numbers. While in Toronto, he suggested we link up, of course I don’t know this man so my friend and I went to brunch with him and the whole thing was super casual. What made me think to give him the time of day, he paid for brunch for both of us.

What made you decide to be in a relationship?

I lived in DC and he lived in New Jersey, but me being from New York,  we found out we knew the same circle of people and linked up Labor Day Weekend that same year. That’s when he started pursuing me. We’d talk on the phone for hours, he’d travel to visit me on weekends [we were long distance dating] until he eventually moved to DC. I was still playing hard to get actually because I needed some down time [I had gotten out of a relationship just before meeting him]. But while dating, he was super amazing, would always cook for me, treated me like royalty, took care of me, I actually have a princess complex now because of him. He asked for us to be official in July 2014.

This couple got married in September 2016

Couple C

Where they met: Carifest, Calgary 2017 

How did you meet?

We met because he came to Carifest in Calgary (my hometown) but didn’t speak until he slid in my DM’s haha. I live in Calgary and he lives in Orlando, so we chatted everyday until we met up in LA in mid October!

How did you decide to be in a relationship?

I can’t remember when we decided it would be official but by the time we met, we were definitely inlove.

How did he know who you were to slide in your DMs?

He found out who I was because I’d gone on stage to dance with King Bubba and I got tagged in the video on Instagram lol
Photography Credit: LehWeGo

Couple D

Where they met: Trinidad Carnival, 2014 

How did you meet? 

A bunch of us from our country (The Bahamas) were going to Trinidad as a group and we had mutual friends. We didn’t see much of each other during the trip but we were both part of the WhatsApp group. So during a heated discussion in the group, he and I started going back and forth. I messaged him on the side just to make sure that there were no hard feelings…..and it sort of went from there

How did you end up going on a first date?

He initiated it, I think. Our first date was very relaxed. We went to a restaurant on the beach. I don’t think it was the first date at all; I think we wanted each other before then.

This couple got married December 2016.
Photography Credit: Lehwego

Couple E

Where they met: Miami Carnival, 2017

How did you meet?

We’re still in the early stages but I approached her first. I was “brave” if we’d like to call it that but I wrapped my arms around her as if she were already my girlfriend.  I didn’t dance with her initially but came back 15 minutes later and danced with her on a Rupee song. We danced and talked some more, the rest is history.

When did you ask her on a date?

I asked her on a date later that week. We’ve been on a date every weekend since meeting except 2 weekends.

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