Carnival Love Stories. Part 2

As promised, we have some more couples who decided to share their love stories with us. I am so happy that several people have been able to find love in a wuk up place. Here are their stories

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Couple A

Where they met: Trinidad Carnival, 2012

How did you meet?

We met on the road in Island People in 2012. Back in the day, we had Blackberry phones, so I took his pin. I had no intention of actually messaging him but saw him in Tobago for a cool down and we connected. We spoke for months then he asked me if I was doing Cropover, I agreed to go because yes I wanted to see him again. He came to meet me at my hotel and I almost passed him like a bus. I was so shame but then he chipped with me in the pouring rain by storming the band lol.

Our first date was at a restaurant called Pasta Gallery in Tobago. The food was trash but he bought me a local art piece there so I won’t ever forget it.

How did you decide to be in a relationship?

We decided to be in a relationship because we have a lot in common. And to this day I still can’t believe I met my man in a band on the road. 🤦🏾‍♀️


Couple B

Where they met: Antigua Carnival, 2011

How did you meet?

I went to carnival with my mom but I decided when I got there to play mas and I didn’t know anyone but I played mas anyway. On carnival Monday, I was standing alone. He was with his friends and approached me and asked why am I standing alone and the conversation started from there.  We started dancing and he asked where i’m from and i said New York, And he was like i’m from New York. We eventually had such a good time together, he made sure I had food and drinks, then we partied together. I even met his friends.

How was your first date?

Once carnival was done, we went shopping because he knew all the good shops. We toured the whole island of Antigua that day, we spent time at the beach and went shopping. I had so much fun.

Couple C

Where they met: Trinidad Carnival, 2017 

How did you meet?

Ok, well we met at fete. I’m from Montreal and was out with my cousin. He lives in Trinidad and was out with his boys. He walked by me our eyes met and that was it. When I told him I was Canadian he said he has been to Canada and my wine was not a Canadian wine! He’s from the East and I was staying in South. He drove south as many times as he could to spend time with me before I left.

How did you decide to be in a relationship ?

We’ve been doing the long distance thing ever since and made it official in May. We are playing mas together for Trinidad Carnival 2018


Couple D

Where they met: Trinidad Carnival, 2016 

How did you meet?

So we “knew” each other from college. Just said hi in passing, nothing deep. He added me on Facebook, DM’d me lol then we got to talking about Trinidad Carnival. We would message, text and email through the planning process because he was deployed for most of the time. We officially “met” in Trinidad at carnival. First it was just a friends thing because you know, who finding love in carnival? Lol. Then as we went to fetes— realized there was something happening here lol. First kiss in a fete, told me how he felt and then the rest was history.

How did you decide to get into a relationship ?

It was long distance for a while, actually it’s always been long distance. We had a lot in common plus we were friends first at least through the emails and messages before he even told me how he felt. After a few months of carnival traveling back and forth we decided to make it official. Then December that year, we got engaged. It was just one of those things people always say— you will know when you know. I didn’t think that concept was real but I just knew, he just knew so it wasn’t a hard decision you know.

This couple got married in August 2017.


Couple E

Where they met: Jamaica Carnival, 2014 

How did you meet?

We were introduced by a visiting mutual friend after I went to pick up the crew to go to the inaugural Frenchmen Rise Up fete. Though we all went together, her and I didn’t interact much at the fete. I think she actually left us there. However, given it was Easter weekend, we met up again at Bacchanal Beach J’ouvert… had some rum and lots of wine (wink wink). I eventually asked for her FaceBook info and messaged her to ask her out. We eventually met up at Sunrise Breakfast Party (you guessed it, we love breakfast, Soca and rum).

How did you decide to start a relationship?

After knowing each other for over two years,  our friendship and relationship developed to more than just friends. So one evening while out,  I asked if she’d like for us to take it to the next level. She smiled and asked “Are you sure?” It’s been a fete ever since.

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