Carnival Masquerader Tips

Hello Carnivalists,

I wanted to provide some of my carnival veteran tips I’ve learned over time. From things to make sure you pack in your suitcase to bringing your carnival costume back home.

Day Two

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Before You Go

1) Work toward the fast track. Try to pay off your costume balance before pickup day, This will decrease your wait time.

2) Fall in love with Soca. Carnival is soca heavy so get familiar  The more songs you know, the more fun you will have. Utilize Soundcloud for the latest soca mixes.

On The Road

3) Stay hydrated. Everyone says this but it’s not fun feeling like you want to pass out on the road because it’s hot and you feel dizzy.

4) Pick a “lost and found” spot in the event that you lose your friends. Not being able to find your friends at 8pm in Trinidad can give you gray hairs. Some carnivals are smaller so you will likely find your friends quickly. But if your friend gets lost in a 3,000 people, 9 Truck band, knowing to meet your friends by “Drink Truck Number 2, on the right side” will be super helpful

5) It will be crowded on carnival days – remember why you’re there, have fun and be patient 

6) Walk with vex money – You may have to buy food for a drunk friend on the road or pay for a taxi home. You never know what will happen.

Carnival Beauty

7) If you wear fishnet stockings, put on socks first. Then the stockings. This will prevent your toes from going through the net and will be more comfortable. Not wearing socks? Use insoles for comfort. I’d recommend going a half size up if you use insoles.

8) Order your carnival boots a half size bigger to give your toes room in the front.

9) Trim the band off the top of your carnival pantyhose to prevent the muffin top look. Carnivalista’s new line has a blendina top so trimming isn’t needed.. My carnivalista color is Truffle for reference

10) Decided to do your makeup yourself? – Apply Mehron Makeup- Skin Prep Pro before doing your carnival makeup, that’s what will make it almost sweat proof

11) Want to stay looking gorgeous all day? Bring oil blotting sheets

12) Costume bands will have mobile portable bathrooms, tissue will always run out, bring some tissue or travelpack feminine wipes with you.

13) Always have hand sanitizer or hand wipes

14) Wristlets or hand pouches are alternative options to the drawstring backpacks or fanny packs on the road. Carnivalista recently launched the FLEX, which is a thigh pouch.


15) If the straps of your carnival bra can be moved, criss-cross the straps at the back. For smaller busted women, it will give you the illusion of more fullness, for larger busted women, it will give you more support.

16) Ladies – if you are not wearing panties under your costume panty, wash the crotch area of your costume. Those costumes go through a lot of hands before they get to you.

Useful Jouvert Tips

17) Going to Jouvert? The powder dye can discolor your skin, put baby oil or some type of oil on your skin, this will keep the powder’s dye from sticking to your skin and will come off easier. I’d recommend using dish soap to clean off first. it breaks down paint/powder very well.

18) If you rented a car, do not dirty the rental, bring large plastic bags [garbage bags] and old towels to prevent damage to the car seats.

19) If you’re worried about staining your finger nails, make sure your cuticles and nail beds are moisturized or use baby oil; you should be able to clean them easily with a small bristle brush after

About Your Costume

20) So you decided to play Frontline – Some frontliners will throw their feathers away, some of you want to keep yours. Bring with you a large garment bag to carry your carnival feathers back home if you traveled to a carnival. 

Carnival Road Essentials 

Added Bonus

Here is a printable Carnival Travel Check-list

Yours in Mas,


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  1. Thanks for the tips. I hadn’t thought of some of these details; but they’re gonna be helpful so I can enjoy my first time playing mas!

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