Choosing Your Carnival Tights: Fishnets VS Nylon

As a carnival goer, you know there are certain items you need on your packing list to complete your overall carnival slay for the road. Makeup appointments, carnival boots and your carnival tights are necessities. But how does one choose the right look for their costume? Once getting ready, my favorite part of Carnival is my costume preparation; and my tights selection is a main priority. Do I want to shimmer in the sun with Sparkley fishnets, or Naked, an invisible finish fishnet. Honestly, any fishnet style will complement your costume and give it more “ooomph”.

Half the battle, is the limited supply of awesome stockings that will last AND match your complexion. As a chocolate goddess, I’ve always found it difficult to find flesh tone stockings. They were either too ashy looking, too fragile or just not available, until my problems were solved and I found fishnets in 2015.


I’ve been playing mas now as an adult for a solid twelve years and used to play mas in Nylon tights [See here]. Nylon tights provide an airbrushed look but rip extremely easily, they might be attacked by a gem or two before you hit the road and most of them come with a control top lining that looks hideous under your costume.

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My personal preference, are fishnets. Carnivalista fishnets literally blend into my skin, you have to stare pretty hard to see them.  See examples here:

Global Carnivalist
Carnivalista Naked (Color: Truffle)


Xuvo Trap Queen
Carnivalista Sparkle (Color: Truffle)

Carnivalista Sparkle

Golden lurex sparkle is embedded in the yarn of the fishnets to give your legs that glamorous shimmer adding subtle drama to your look.



Carnivalista Naked

A tighter weave fishnet, which provides the illusion of smooth, flawless skin and gentle support.


Carnival Stockings Nylon Tights

Sexy sheer, toe to waist pantyhose, offer a smooth and sheer look.


For your own pair of carnivalista tights or accessories, checkout Make sure you use GLOBAL for 10% off your purchase.


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  1. I prefer fishnets. I wore nylon on Carnival Monday last year (T & T) and had sweat stains on my thighs (I’m between size 10 and 12). Fishnets offered a lot more ventilation and no questionable stains.

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