Review: Hookie Carnival Weekend 2018

If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram, I am quite certain you have seen video clips from Hookie’s Carnival weekend. The staple Hookie Carnival Weekend took place, June 21 -24, and what a weekend it was. Last year was my first time attending Hookie Weekend and I had an amazing time so of course I returned. I love event weekends that grow organically and you can see that with Hookie. Let’s get into this review

Release Therapy. 

Release Therapy kicks off the carnival weekend — it’s a free event for veterans and newbies alike and the vibe was on point. There were several DJs in attendance from near and far to keep the vibe going. This was also your last chance to pick up your Lion’s Pride Jouvert packages. If you plan on attending in 2019, try your best to be here from Thursday evening.


Hookie Pool Party. 

Hookie Pool Party – the original staple event dated almost 9 years back. Despite the weather trying to dampen the day, the rain did not stop anything, we pumped! The pool party was setup at the RFK Stadium with large inflatable pools and a slide. Food vendors, a bar and restrooms, were on the surrounding areas with cabanas and VIP tents on the inside with beach sand and vibesy patrons.

Unlike last year, I was paying attention to the stage and got to see Motto (St.Lucia) and Fadda Fox (Barbados) perform. One of my current jams that I am loving is Rock That Body x Fadda Fox so my soul was happy.


Lion’s Pride Jouvert.

This was by far my favorite event — i could care less about the rain, staying cute or keeping mud off my feet – it was bare wassiness. For the price of your package, drinks and paint are included. There was a drinks trunk following behind the DJ and water trucks. Lion’s Pride Jouvert is easily one of my favorite jouvert events.


Photography Credit: JoyJuice

Shine DC 

Shine DC was brought back to DC. If you needed a move after Jouvert, this is where the masses headed. It was a nice pump, with headliner DJs like Back 2 Basic and Riggo Suave.

Riddim and Road

The concept: Wear a costume from a previous carnival and come! Which I love because you cut cost on paying for a costume, you get to wear a costume again which you probably paid upwards of $800usd for and only got to wear once, for like $80usd, drinks, bess DJs and vibes are included. What more do you want?


Were you at Hookie Carnival weekend this year? Will you be back ? And if you haven’t been yet, add it to your travel plans for 2019.

Yours in Mas,


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3 thoughts on “Review: Hookie Carnival Weekend 2018

  1. You sold me! I’ll be there next year. And umm…can you give us a skin blog? You look amazing!

  2. I have a hard time giving up Hollywood Carnival as its the same weekend. Last year I said I am staying home and doing DC next year and where did I end up this year LA. This year I told my carnival twin come to DC next year “I staying home and doing DC.” Now we are getting close to costume launch for LA and we are both like sooooo LA or DC lol! Decisions, Decisions!

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