St. Lucia Carnival 2018: A Review of Legends Carnival

Hello Carnivalists,

I am still reveling in my mind and basking in my carnival experience in St.Lucia. St.Lucia carnival took place on July 16 and 17 and exceeded my expectations in terms of vibes and delivery. My crew and I awaited band launch earlier in the year and decided to play mas with Legends Carnival. Let’s get into this review.


Legends had a great start. The band launched the most beautiful costumes of the season which blew everyone away during their intimate and luxe band launch experience. The same night as launch, their website was up and revelers were able to view pictures, prices and submit their registration. Despite some site glitches due to web traffic, they were still the only band to have their site up so quickly so kudos to them on that.


Communication started off well. I registered and had some questions and my section leader, Bebiana (She’s amazing by the way) was in contact with me immediately. All communication with Legends was handled through social media, so if you did not follow them on Instagram, hard luck. In April, someone from my crew kept emailing and was unable to get a reply until May which was frustrating.

Road Instructions apparently ran out [insert confused face here – They didn’t know how many masqueraders they would have?] so I did not get one to tell me what time to be on the road and where. Again, as a seasoned masquerader, I just asked someone for the information I needed.



Costume pickup was a nightmare. I was already frustrated that up until the Saturday before Carnival Monday, we had no instructions on when costumes could be picked up. On Sunday (the day before carnival) at 7:47am, we received an email that costume collection would start at 11am the same day. I can’t speak for other masqueraders but for me, that was unlike any other costume pickup experience.

We arrived around 3pm to pickup our costumes. As soon as we walked in, we were able to get our receipts and were told to head in to collect our packages.

We entered the second room of the mascamp and some associates were idly sitting behind the desk, texting, talking to each other etc. No greeting, no how can I help you, we’re the ones who had to initiate the interaction. After getting my box, I had to go through my box on my own to ensure all pieces were there. (for the unseasoned masquerader, you may have walked out with missing items)

In my case, my headpiece was missing, my cousin’s costume was missing, another’s bra was missing. And this is when the day took a turn. In all, we spent three and a half hours at the mascamp. I eventually changed sections because I was disappointed with the one I registered for, my cousin had a costume made for her on the spot and another had to have a bra gemmed and adjusted for her while at the mascamp.

While I appreciate the effort, I was highly frustrated with the fact that I had to fuss for anything to be done. I am sure band and section leaders could tell that some pieces were not complete or horribly done. Like missing string for example. How are you handing out costume backpacks and bras with no string for masqueraders to tie them? There should have been more quality control regarding costume pieces, boxes and customer service.

Though section leaders Bebiana and Marissa were super graceful and went above and beyond to ensure we were happy, the pickup experience was horrifying for me.



Pretend I am typing this sentence in all caps so that you understand how serious this is: The costumes debuted at band launch looked nothing like what I picked up. Nothing. I registered for Let’s Toast, the white and gold section. My bra and panty were not even the same hue of nude that I couldn’t even fathom wearing it.


Costume gems fell off the minute I placed them in my box. My section I changed to, didn’t even look like the advertised section as the body wear was a bit different since they made adjustments for me.

THE ROAD – Food/Music/Staff/Vibes:

Legends redeemed themselves on the road, BIG TIME. Though Monday had a slow start, and some technical difficulties with the second truck’s music feed, the road was vibes. We had ample trucks serving drinks, with champagne on the road. There was a mobile A/C truck where masqueraders could cool down. I even ate my lunch on there. Lunch served was a gourmet pasta dish, either chicken or veggie. Snacks handed out were chicken poppers from KFC or vegetable pies.

In St.Lucia, you wear your costume on Carnival Monday and your monday wear/Tshirt on Carnival Tuesday. CARNIVAL TUESDAY WAS EV-ERY-THING!!! I prefer Carnival Monday everywhere else so the fact that I enjoyed this day more did not surprise me.

Carnival Tuesday was straight pace, all masqueraders were ready to make up for the day before because we were so disappointed with the costume experience the day prior. Who wasn’t wining and flinging it up on Monday, were dashing out themselves,

Maris Day 2

The music. Let’s just say I LOVE dennery soca and Lucian soca was played 77% of the time on the road. My conduct was very poor at all parties and the road, but I had the time of my life. The staff members were also gracious. I had my makeup touched up on the same mobile A/C bus. Drinks were probably the only thing that took awhile to get [There was one woman who behaved like she was doing US a favor by serving drinks and I did not appreciate that] but they stilled flowed. There was a security team keeping all toes and body parts away from the truck wheels.

Overall, though I was not pleased with my costume experience, the road made up for it big time. Let’s talk about some of these parties though because that’s where the highlight of St. Lucia Carnival was for me.

Re-Live the Road with this Lucian Mix 

Popular songs on the road:

  1. Vent x Teddyson John
  2. Drop That x Sedale and Preedy
  3. Bend down for d Hmm x Krome and Nassis
  4. Drinking Problem x Nassis ft Krome
  5. Start A Fyah x Shemmy J
  6. Movay Tuh x Zoomboy
  7. Parle Bow x Blackboy ft Youth
  8. Rev It Up x Cooyah

MESS AM Pump – Jab Edition  

Mess jouvert started around 3am. You entered the venue space, parked and headed to get your wristbands, then boarded a shuttle, that dropped you off to the fete. The shuttle ride was about 5 minutes.

As soon as we hopped off the shuttle, party attendees were greasing up their skin with vaseline in preparation for oil and paint. The event itself was very vibesy. People always get wassy at jouvert and this one was no different. Personally, I was trying to catch my own vibe, there was no Johnnie or Hennessy [I don’t know what I was even drinking, something brown]





Remedy – Beach Cooler Fete 

A MOVIE!! Where was my behavior ? Cooler fetes are always pace because you get lit at your own pace, without having to move about too much. We walked in with our alcohol, picked a spot and took in the vibe. Several artists performed on the main stage which was beautifully set up. The DJs always kept the party pumping. I did not want this party to end. Make sure you add this one to your must attend list, should you go to St Lucia Carnival in the future.

Indulgence – All Inclusive Breakfast Fete 

This party started at 4AM. In trying to be a better (on-time) person, we decided to go early. I was FREEZING!! I already cannot take no cold breeze on meh but, right off of Pigeon Island is the beach so naturally, sea breeze plus early morning and a bit of rain, would cause that. Okay [end rant]

So about the event. There were several different food tents set up for breakfast. The staff was late with their setup  but once breakfast was out, there were several options to choose from. I spent most of my morning at the Hennessy Cabana. Which was very well done. Coconuts with mini Henny bottles and Henny-snow cones were available.


Once most of the party patrons had eaten, it was party time. Like other events for the week, the party was pace, most people were having a great time. Sadly, I had to leave early in order to pick up my costume.

Brazen – Beach Cooler Fete

I almost want to say, I remember nothing.. lol that’s how much pace this party was. We walked in around 8pm.. LATE AF!! because this event was supposed to start at 3pm but truly started at 6pm based on what I was told. We did not bring coolers with us this time, most of the crew decided to purchase VIP tickets which included drinks AND food. (The vegetable kabobs and pasta were love)

Do you think you will attend St.Lucia carnival in the future? I surely will. St. Lucia has a special place in my heart now and I can’t wait to head back.

Yours in Mas,


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15 thoughts on “St. Lucia Carnival 2018: A Review of Legends Carnival

    1. Love your review and I admire your writing style. My hubby is Lucian and we went there last year for Carnival…loved it, pure vibes. I played mas with Just for Fun and the process was stressless and there was ample food on the road. Your review was very honest and I appreciate that. Looking forward to going next year and whining low in the fetes you recommended.

  1. I LOVE YOU!!! Here is your passport 🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨
    Thank you for your honest review despite the costume disappointment I’m glad you enjoyed and will be returning 😘
    Next year fuzion mas we littt

  2. I’ve experienced costume horror in NYC (Labor Day Parade). Was at the mad camp until 4am, mind you that’s when we finally said F it and we will just make do with what we have (we were there from around 10pm the night before). The parade is one day and typically starts around 10am. So imagine being at the mad camp making wire bras, gluing gems, attaching feathers… a couple hours before your actual jump. It’s terrible. So the costume part I totally get your frustration but it def can happen and it’s annoying. Glad despite it all you had a great time on the road because that’s what really matters. The fetes are always LIT and hopefully I’ll see you next year God spare. xo

  3. I was waiting for your review and I’m very happy. I decided I’d go home for my 25th birthday, play mas and stay for the month since its been YEARS! Knowing I’m saving my coins for this is going to be my treat for the next year. My aunt already told me no to Legends, and especially after hearing others’ story, I was mortified! Regardless I look forward, and I hope my crew enjoys too! Thanks for the review!

  4. You’ve sold it. There are going to be 3,000 new people there next year just because of your blog. Great pics!!!
    Huge yikes at the color of that panty…ummm?? You look great in everything but even that would have been hard to pull off lol. Wonderful post with good info as usual. Thank You!

    1. Thanks M! I hope flights aren’t TOO expensive next year lmao.. But I will definitely be in St.Lucia for 2019

  5. I met you on the back of a truck headed back to mega j on carnival monday, you were so nice.I had no idea you were the GC lol excellent review of the band and i’m glad you enjoyed SLU!

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