New York City x Labor Day Weekend Recap 2018

Just last week Monday, we were getting in our section on the parkway in Brooklyn and now it’s over. sigh.. I am sad typing this because Labor Day Weekend in NYC typically means summer is coming to a close and I cannot imagine having to wear a coat and uggs anytime soon.

Aside from my soon to be seasonal sadness, Labor Day Weekend in New York City is ALWAYS lit and houses some of the best fetes. Though staple events like Scorch Duck Work, Tribe Ignite and Soca Brainwash were a part of the weekend lineup, I wanted to try all new events this holiday weekend. Let’s get into the review

758 Invasion, Ticket: $30usd 

Since attending St. Lucia Carnival this year, I have been bitten by the Dennery segment bug so an online friend let me know there was a Lucian fete so I decided to attend. They had some of the top Lucian artists performing that night like Arthur, Ezra, Motto and Teddyson John, to name a few.

We entered the venue which was indoors (typically unusual for a holiday weekend since we love our outdoor venues. I believe tickets started at $30usd which wasn’t bad for a holiday weekend. There was only a cash bar so if you forgot to withdraw money, you would definitely be paying $5 at the mom and pops ATM in the corner.

Though the venue was not packed to capacity, there was definitely vibes. A Lucian heavy event with some other island supporters sprinkled about.

Mazi Nightclub 

Mazi is the usual hot spot outside of Labor Day weekend, so once Ransom and other Thursday night fetes concluded, the crowd went to Mazi. It was more like a cool down lime than anything, we even got a brief performance from Fimba, singer of the hit song, “Funky Business”. Toward the end of the night the crowd started to get hype but then there was an issue with security and some lady so of course the party ended on time.


I Am Soca, Midnight Glow, Ticket $40usd  

I Am Soca was scheduled to start at 8pm.. being my normal self, we got to the fete a little after midnight, the crowd was still sparse but I know my people,  so they were going to be late. There was only a cash bar so we did ourselves a favor and bought a bottle and setup our little bucket on the exterior terrace. THANK GOD too because that was the hottest venue I believe I ever walked through. I didn’t even want to re-enter to use the bathroom. I think the heat impacted the crowd’s engagement because from looking on, they were barely hype or seemed to be enjoying themselves, except for the people directly in front the stage. Several artists like V’ghn, Skinny Fabulous (not sure who else) performed and the crowd did not budge. (See video below)

Sunny Side Up Breakfast Fete, Ticket $30usd, $100usd Penthouse

My favorite party for the weekend – I liked the Penthouse setup and separate bathroom for penthouse attendees. Security couldn’t seem to get it together though, one minute a certain entrance was media only then it wasn’t and that was just annoying in my opinion.

Security aside, the food was delicious, the drinks flowed, although the bar was hectic at times and there were shaded areas (somewhat) for us to bear the heat because it was HOT AS HELL.

I didn’t get a chance to enjoy it personally but the foam machine was pumping out bubbles and people were enjoying it.

Blaxx and Patrice Roberts performed as promised and I liked that Blaxx played a host role and sang other artist’s songs.

Ris & Crew



Poorman Jam – Showtime, Ticket $20usd 

My second fete on Labor Day Sunday was Poorman Jam, Showtime. Poorman Jam has long been a staple event for me since like 2013. The concept behind the name is affordability. It’s one of the few events you can attend and buy a cocktail, let’s say your drink of choice is Johnnie walker and ginger ale and pay $4.99. People attend PMJ to bruk out and have a good time so while it appears to be a more intimate fete, it is a good fete, every time.

Kreyola, Ticket $40usd 

After PMJ, we went home to morph into jouvert jumbies. This jouvert is organized by Ninja Fete every year, I was told it was a bess fete so we added it to the roster as fete number 3 for the night. As soon as I walked in, the crowd was already lit. Get in your section by Wuss Wayz was blasting over the loud-speaker.

There was a performance by a Grenadian artist that I cannot now remember but Problem Child also performed as well.

Something I noticed this year, most of the fetes that had live performances, continuously “restarted” the fete because they each had different performance styles, tempos and then the crowd didn’t necessarily know the music.

While we want to have mini concerts for some of our popular songs, every fete doesn’t catch or maintain the vibes the same way because of these performances.

What fetes did you attend? How were they ?

Yours in Mas,

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