The Soca Brainwash Bacchanal

If you have ever planned to attend a Caribbean Carnival, then you have heard of or planned to attend DJ Private Ryan’s, Soca Brainwash (SBW). Started in Trinidad in 2014, this event was one of the few to produce such a quality large scale all inclusive event. From the moment you walked into the venue, you knew, you were getting ready for an EXPERIENCE.

From the overhead decor, to the games, drinks, THE CUPS, food, the media walls to take pictures with; all carefully curated to provide it’s patrons with the fete experience of their life. SBW is now considered a staple must attend event no matter where it’s happening.

SBW 2014

Soca Brainwash in Trinidad, 2014

SBW Cups

After much success in Trinidad, the event was then brought to Jamaica, Barbados, New York, Miami and the latest, Toronto.

Though many plan to attend, not everyone makes the cut. I have teased in the past and called the SBW ticket buying process the Hunger Games due to the demand. So how did Private Ryan do it? This is the only carnival event that sells out the same day tickets are released. Year after year, we set up our dual computer screens, laptops, cell phones and iPads for a chance to purchase SBW tickets.

SBW Miami
Soca Brainwash Miami 2015
SBW Toronto
Soca Brainwash Toronto 2017

Due to demand, trolls and scalpers [okay scammers] attempt to purchase several tickets at a time so that they can then resell them with a higher mark up [which also takes away from the online ticket allotment].

But guess what happens when this occurs? The demand is only driven up more. I recently asked in an Instagram poll, If you are not attending Soca Brainwash because you didn’t get a ticket, what are your plans and several people rather stay home or go to the beach than find another fete to attend.

SBW Wonderland 2
Soca Brainwash Trinidad 2017

But why does Private Ryan get the flack? (Like many, I view his comments for comedy) Any large scale event that gets thousands of traffic to the website will have delays. [Have you ever tried to get Beyonce tickets the day it released?] I wonder why patrons are flooding the website ? What started that?

What brands like Beyonce have done is released tickets in segments, which has helped tremendously (Ryan maybe that may work). That said, I am always proud of any company that is able to sell their product out AND still provide a quality event. Though the ticket purchasing process may be hell, it still allows everyone a chance to purchase them. [Unless you all would prefer the committee member process instead?]

Private Ryan & Team – Thank you for putting together the SBW experience year after year, I am still dazzled by the decor and streaming from Soca Brainwash Heaven, muchless Wonderland. I cannot wait to see what is done for the 70’s theme. A stream of disco balls?

For the newbie carnivalist, plan early, get onto the website in time, set your alarms OR buy your tickets through a carnival concierge. But keep in mind, SBW is not the event to move slowly on. You literally snooze, you lose.

Now who will be inside Soca Brainwash – The 70s?

See ya’ll there

Yours in Mas,


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8 thoughts on “The Soca Brainwash Bacchanal

  1. I love how you were able to remain objective about this. 90% of the people cussing without tickets in the comments will be there…everyone that wants to go gets a ticket at some point. We need to loosen up it’s just a fete!

    1. Agreed! Either you’re going, or you’re not. the disrespect in his comments are too much in my opinion. xoxo

    1. I heard all were sold out now but you can check Mango Reef Promo or Lazy Mas to see if they have..

  2. Even with the Hunger Games situation, I feel the beauty of Soca Brainwash is that there is no fight up with a committee member situation, I find that much harder than the experience yesterday. After a long wait I’ll be in Soca Brainwash! Can’t wait!

  3. I’m so excited I was able to get SBW tickets since this is my first Trinidad carnival. I had the website open on my iPhone and my iPad. The website crashed the first time I went to checkout, but luckily I had my iPhone as back up. Maybe he can use Ticketmaster in the future. It will be just as hard to purchase, but at least the website won’t crash during the checkout process.

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